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Ancient China Essay

1465 words - 6 pages

Demetrius Raines
Strayer University
World Cultures I
Professor Peacock
2 December 2013
Ancient Chinese Inventions
What do you think about when you think of Chinese contributions and inventions? This paper will show that, the contributions of ancient Chinese culture dates back thousands of years. It is known that China has an ancient and well known history which traces back to Chinese culture. Ancient Chinese inventions and contributions have contributed to America’s society by helping jobs to exist, fighting wars and the everyday life of a modern society today.
Ancient China has contributed to ancient and modern society in many ways. I will identify nine of ancient China ...view middle of the document...

Now currently in most cultures alcohol always accompanies delicious dishes, when people first meet and at reunions. As I read about ancient China’s contribution of alcohol, I have noticed that alcohol was used for a variety of reasons. Alcohol was said to be used by the Shang Dynasty 1600 BC-1046BC. The tea production began in 2,737BC. The name Shennong, who name means divine farmer. He is considered the ancient Chinese father of Agriculture whom is honored with the discovery of tea. It has been mentioned that the ancient China invention came about from Shennong’s boiling water under a Camellia tree. As the water boiled, the tea leaves began to fall. The tea leaves fell into his boiling water without him noticing. When he took a drink he then realized that the leaves had fallen in his boiling water. This began the era of tea production. To add further, it is known to have been a Chinese inventor who created the tea shredder. A small device that used a sharp wheel in the center of a ceramic or wooden pot would slice the leaves into thin strips.
Umbrellas have a history of more than 2,000 years in China. The earliest umbrella was made of silk and later umbrellas made of paper became popular. The frames of umbrellas were made from bamboo or mulberry bark. The frames are made of bamboo which symbolizes longevity. The round shape means reunion and happiness. The color red which umbrellas are normally painted, symbolizes wealth and vigor. The umbrella in ancient China is not only a day to day appliance, but also with sociological significance. The umbrella was used in ceremonies. In these ceremonies the color of the umbrella was determined as a significance of wealth.
The invention of the bristle toothbrush came about in China around 1498. The first true tooth brush was describe as a cattle bone handle embedded Siberian pig hair bristles. The concept of the bristle toothbrush has not changed since its accurance. Paper Money evolved around the 9th century. The flow of currency in today’s society is paper money. Paper money consist of paper bills cut to a certain spec. Each bill holds a different value. Acupuncture was a Chinese system that became one of the healing options dating back to 1970. Silk would be my last Chinese invention. Silk traces back 2,100 years ago. China is known today to still be the largest producer.
Ancient China has been good to America. America has continued to grow and develop thanks to ancient China. I believe four of the Chinese inventions I have chosen are the most ingenious and innovative to our society today. The toothbrush is a significant oral hygiene product that is used throughout the world. Toothbrushes date back to 1498 in China. This invention I would agree has helped the fight on gingivitis and other oral diseases. I don’t know what the American society would do if we did not have this great invention to help keep children and families oral disease free.
The practical umbrella is another invention I...

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