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Ancient Art Essay

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Ancient Art

Ancient art has a way of telling a story of the past, how the people lived, what religious beliefs were followed and a hierarchy if any. Two works of art from the Greek and Egyptian periods dating from the second-century B.C (Aphrodite) and 2420-2389 B.C (Nikare and family) are compared to the styles of the art work and materials used to determine the meaning of the sculptures. The differences and any comparisons are discussed between the two sculptures and how they reflect in the time period in which they were made.

Ancient Art
Art is the form of sculptures, paintings or architecture and in the Greek and Egyptian art forms, symbolism and content are important ...view middle of the document...

The shape and lines of the art are designed to show how the goddess would appear as if in person.
The Egyptians were religious in the life after death theory that most of the prominent class had statues built for them to represent them in the next life. The statue of Nikare and his family is no different. The art work is made up of limestone and paint and is a three-dimensional sculpture that shows the order of the household in the early Egyptian times (Metropolitan, 2012). Nikare sits at the front, and his wife is kneeling on his left with his or her daughter behind him on the right (Metropolitan, 2012). The artist is unknown but the details he used with the face of each family member show the importance of the family in its culture. The facial features are clear and concise as if looking at the real person. The head piece is painted in black, as the rest of the body is in limestone with the color faded, looks as if though the original was probably the color used to depict the true color of the people as they did in their drawings. The wife and daughter have the same intricate details of the face and hands as Nikare. The lines and shape of the sculpture give the art a sense of balance and composure.
Subject Matter
The statue of Aphrodite represents the goddess of beauty and her modesty. The power of feminine beauty is transpired by the way the artist has used a cloak to cover her, at the same time showing the goddess in a way that beauty is the way she carries herself. It is a representational piece to the Gods and Goddess of the ancient Greek times and how they believed in the mythology of those Gods.
Nikare and his family show the wealthy of his class; most Egyptians in ancient times were only given statues or tombs if they were in a high societal class. The statue shows the household structure that the Egyptians held in their beliefs. Having the man as the strong head of the household with the female and children falling in line behind him shows the hierarchy of family obligations.
The statue of Aphrodite was a representational piece to show the Greek goddess and her beauty in ancient...

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