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Ancient Architecture Essay

1085 words - 5 pages

Ashley Williams
Professor Nelson
HUM 2211
October 25, 2014

Architecture: Yesterday and Tomorrow
Architecture has changed a lot along the years. Some techniques have been kept because of its success, and some have been forgotten because of its failures. Architecture not only shows the advancement of a civilization, but also its culture, as some cultures build differently based on their needs. There are many civilizations interesting to learn about and there are some similarities between their architecture and today’s. While there are many civilizations throughout time that have excelled at this, the Greeks and Americans are two that are ones that seem to be most similar to one ...view middle of the document...

The opening is wider at the bottom than at the top and is composed of blocks of stone. The window is surrounded by a band of beautiful flat molded stone. The western part of the naos was divided into three chambers. These together comprised the shrine of Eerchtheus. The tetra style, ionic, northern porch was built at a lower level giving access to Poseidon’s sanctuary. The last porch but certainly not the least significant is the southern porch. This is the famous porch of the caryatids.
Although the Erectheum was a great example of architecture from this world’s past, another example of architecture would be the la Grange Church and Cemetery, located in Titusville, Fl. This church was built in 1872, and it was a two story log building becoming the first organized protestant church on the east coast of Florida.
The Erectheum and La Grange Church share many similarities as well as many differences. Both cultures were very religious and these buildings were built as a place of worship, no matter what the religion or purpose of worship. The Erectheum was built to worship Athena and Poseidon, and the La Grange church was built to worship God. The major architectural difference between these two would the obvious grandness of the Erectheum and the simple structure of the Church. The church was simple wood logs, and was made thinking of more practical usage. The Erectheum was on a much more grand scale with its columns and elegant stone.
The change in the architecture of these two places reflects the change in culture. The ancient Greeks were all about praising their gods and dedicating temples to them. The shrines of these Gods and the elegance that was put into them showed that the culture was a very pleasing culture, and a very religious culture. The Lagrange Church, although was also made for religious purposes, had a more practical purpose other than the church. This signified the development of a central Florida community. The culture differs from the Greek culture as the Floridians were more advanced in a way.
Technology plays a major role in the construction of these buildings. The ancient Greeks didn’t have the tools that the Floridians had, so...

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