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Anantas Story Essay

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Wilfred Owen, like many other men, joined the war mainly because he was persuaded by this everlasting façade of war. Owen felt he was targeted by the propaganda of the media and the government to be enlisted into the army. The patriotic soldiers, like Owen, had been told that they would be home by Christmas; that war would be like an adventure- a passage to becoming a well-known, respected hero. Owen had his youth taken away from him, leaving only the bitterness of the war and the memories of home behind. Owen was one of the most well-known anti-war poets, unfortunately he died a week before the Great War had ended and his poetry had never been published until after his death. Owen’s poetry challenged the earlier poetry where poets would only write about the glory of fighting for one’s country. This patriotic view was deeply permeated into ...view middle of the document...

The first poem in which Owen explores his feelings of war and continuous references to life at home are evident in ‘Disabled’, written in 1917. This poem is centred on how a young boy had joined war for reasons which were unclear but mostly vain. The young soldier, upon returning injured, was tormented with thoughts of home in the past, his reasons for joining and his present confinement and feelings of insignificance. The structure of the poem heightens the sympathy that the reader feels towards this helpless soldier as it alternates between his past and the present. In the first stanza, the poem begins to describe an aged boy who is sitting in a ‘wheeled chair’, in a park, he sits listening to ‘the voices’ of innocence and youth ‘saddening’ him. The boy is now unable to hear these voices in a positive way as war has affected his thoughts, emotions and soul. Home used to be a place for happiness and togetherness however the soldier sits feeling restricted, his innocence ripped away from him like he is in a prison with no bars- an escape route lying in front of him but, yet there is no way out. Owen uses the simile ‘saddening like a hymn’ to contrast the saddening voices to a hymn which is normally positive and religious. Owen challenges the positivity in the hymns and the happiness associated with them. However, Owen may be referring to hymns sung at a funeral- the boys have no respect for him and they are saddening him with the hymns; waiting for the soldier to die. On the other hand, the hymns may be a constant song in his mind of the everlasting thought, that he too could be in the park, enjoying his youth.
The poem then switches to the past tense in stanza 2 as Owen shows how the soldier reminisces about his memories of home. Here, the soldier reflects on how he was before, when he enjoyed life as a whole. ‘In the old times, before he threw away his knees’

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