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The journal article was written by Jon Heron, John Macleod, Marcus R. Munafò, Roberto Melotti, Glyn Lewis, Kate Tilling and Matthew Hickman. The group affiliates themselves with the University of Bristol: School of Experimental Psychology and School of Social and Community Medicine. The article was published in Alcohol and Alcoholism on November 28, 2011.
The article mainly tries to find the best factor of incresing drinking rates amongst UK teenagers. The study was due to the overwhelming data that showcased UK teenager (as young as 12 and old as 16) to be the heaviest drinker and an increased risk liver disease. It is most likely aimed towards government official and parents; although ...view middle of the document...

It is helpful to understand how alcohol toxins are both poisonous to our body and salivated by our minds. Too much Alcohol can stop function of liver or brain, which are organs that detoxify and control motor movement and sensory organs. The poison can seep into the blood stream and inflict high damage such as enhancing inhibitory GABA or increasing Dopamine.( Brooker et al, 2008 p869t)
The research does conclude that children in crowded homes, with many siblings, who partake in earlier sexual activities, who start drinking at earlier ages, that don’t go to school much, are the one at risk for increased consumption and frequency of drinking, which put them at risk for Liver Disease. It states that its research and other researchers have “fail[ed] to capture how drinking patterns evolve in different subgroups of children... Our cohort and recent other studies fail to detect differences between girl and boy” ((Heron et al., 2011, p175). The writers do point out other research and admit to their limited grouping methods and show that they improved that method by clarifying three groups based on an AUDIT test; that is high, medium and low.

UK teenagers among heaviest drinkers in EU
The article is very straight foward with the information it gives. It focuses in on a study done called The European School Survey Project on Alcohol and other Drugs (Espad). The study took place in the UK and was conducted by the University of West England Bristol.
Coincidentally, the same university that conducted the journal article investigation. The article is very gender biased because instead of using group 1 or group 2 it distinct the girls from men almost immdeiatly. “British girls aged 15 and 16 are binge drinking more than...

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