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Analyzing The Role Of Concept Design And Development In Brand Identification Of Uk Fashion And Retail Market

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Business management has experienced a number of changes after the significant effects of industrial development. Developments in technology made quality to be easily accessible compared to previous eras and hence, the standards of product purchase switched from the ‘quality’ to ‘design’ as customers, who buy products, increased their expectations from those products. Therefore, 21st century’s business management happened to face the challenges of ‘design’ and ‘brand’ by which they have to stand out their products amongst their peers. In other words, ‘design’ and ‘brand’ have become emotional satisfaction criterion and core components of companies in today’s competitive ...view middle of the document...

In light of this definition, a brand is associated with two customer perceptions: positive customer based brand equity and negative customer based brand equity. In that sense, if the identification of brand equity leads to a more favourable reaction than the brand equity is identified as positive customer stance. However, if the identification of the brand results in a less favourable reaction, this is called negative customer based brand equity (Chan-Olmsted, 2006: 508; Dorf, 1999: 12-59).
In its most current and expanded form, brand is a strategic strength for organizations, influencing both the formation of ideas/concepts and activities, and assisting companies in decision-making for their future positioning in today’s competitive and compound markets. All these changes in business world has altered the way brands are created and developed within the companies and design gained a much bigger part in bringing brands into being (Abbing & Gessel, 2008). Since it is the origins of difference and distinction, design is naturally the most essential element of brand identification. Good design helps to characterize all components that shape a brand experience and adds an aesthetical differentiation to products and services. This differentiation and aesthetical values help brands/products compete better with other products in the market and gain a better place in consumers’ short attention span. Design assists all brand components to achieve a consistent product line, in which customers better acknowledge what certain brands offer them and what those brands actually represent (Montaña, Guzmán, & Moll, 2007).
Mat Hunter, who is a chief design officer in the United Kingdom Charity, Design Council, states that regardless it is intentional or not, every artificial object, service or ‘thing’ around us has been designed. He uses Sir George Cox’s simple definition for a better explanation, which is “Design is what links creativity and innovation. It shapes ideas to become practical and attractive propositions for users or customers. Design may be described as creativity deployed to a specific end.” (Hunter, n.a). Potter (1980) states that all sorts of life arrangements are formed and ordered by design and these design activities range from products and services to graphics, architecture and interiors (Potter, 1980). The most developed corporations use design not only in designing their products but also in every stage of their business from determining their company strategy to establishing their customer service and developing detailed implementation. This way of using design allows corporations to make sure that customers get the most creative and attractive brand experience in every level (Hunter, n.a). To understand the role of design in every stage of business and design management, it should not be forgotten that design is not only the final product (as in the ‘noun’: a design) but also is the activity of designing (as in the ‘verb’: to design)...

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