Analyzing The Role Of A Manager Within The Functional Areas Of Business

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Managers are generally the head of a department or functional area within an organization, for example marketing, operation management or human resource management. They have specific responsibilities depending on the needs and wants of the organization. The job description of a manager varies from organization to organization. However, the role of managers within the functional areas of a business involves planning, organizing, leading and controlling. According to French and Henning (1966) showed that the traditional definition of one functional role, of a personnel manager, is misleading. Their study of the personnel manager in twenty five firms revealed that: he does not have the same ...view middle of the document...

One performs these roles as both reflection and action. The evidence out there generally supports the idea that managers regardless of the type of organization or level in the organization perform similar roles.
In order to perform well, Robert L. Katz proposed that managers need three critical skills in managing which are technical, human, and conceptual skills (Robbins, & Coulter, 2012). A technical skill is a job specific knowledge and techniques needed to proficiently perform work tasks. These skills tend to be more important for first-line managers because they typically are managing employees who use tools and techniques to produce the organization’s products or service to organization’s customers. Often, employees with excellent technical skills get promoted to first-line manager. The human skills involve the ability to work well with other people both individually and in a group. Because all managers deal with people, these skills are equally important to all levels of management. Managers who possess good human skills can get the best out of their people as they know how to communicate, motivate, lead, and inspire enthusiasm and trust. With conceptual skills a managers has to think and to conceptualize about abstract and complex situations. Using these skills, managers see the organization as a whole, understand the relationships among various subunits, and visualize how the organization fits into its broader environment. This skill set is most important to top managers.
Henri Fayol, French businessman, first proposed five functions of management that are the basis of today modern functions which are planning,...

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