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Analyzing The Communication Flow With In Lipscomb University

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The next layer are the Deans of the colleges and institutions of which they have seven colleges, four schools and seven institutes of which this writer is one. The final layer of communication is the faculty/staff which totals of 225 and its students which totals 4278. 2757 are undergrads and 1521 are post graduates but no doctorial students.
Communication is vital to the continued success of the school as well as the longevity of the administration. Dr. L. Randolph Lowry III (2012) once said that “Communications is about people” In other words openness and collaboration should drive all communication. People speak a lot about 'channels of communication' but effective communication shouldn't start with thinking about channels, but should start with thinking about people, the dynamics of how they interact, engage with organizations and with each other. Often we can put the 'channels' in place, but the culture of an organization is a huge barrier to them actually being adopted. If a university doesn't have a culture of open and collaborative communications, all the shiny tools and surveys in the world aren't going to change that. At Lipscomb the President tries to do just that. He does this by breaking communication down to two parts. Internal that deals with the Board of Trust, Officers and Deans as well as other administrators, and faculty and staff as well as students and external that deal with the community, church community and everyone else.
Communication among administrators is done mostly by emails and correspondences. The Presidents sends all senior administrators or level one leader a bi weekly memo informing us the changes or updates from the Board as well as things he wishes us to know. Beside these communications he also has a weekly meeting with senior leaders and all deans and managers. On a daily basis he meets with his administration for what he calls his daily briefing. These meetings are held to keep everyone on the same page. In addition to these he meets with the faculty on a monthly basis and faculty and staff at the beginning of every semester start. While this is good he relies heavily on senior management to dissimilate the information to the staff. His style of communication is ‘top down’ communication. This is good but sometimes it comes off as what is called the ‘Hitler syndrome’. This writer thinks that this type of communication is too top heavy and would change to where communication is on equal footing.
In addition to memos and meetings, communication is done also with students via email, the school paper and I-grams. These are done on either a daily basis or weekly but again communication is heavily depended on faculty to inform their students.
There is also the communication from the VP’S to the Deans and Directors. On this level we meet weekly to report and here reports from other colleges and institutes. To be brought to date with senior administration policies and any Board changes. The Deans...

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