Analyzing Personal Assessment Literacy Survey Results

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After taking the Personal Survey of Assessment Literacy, I learned a lot about myself and what I do know about assessments, and what I don’t. This survey allowed me to reflect on the process that I take to plan, develop, and administer tests in my class and what I need to do with the results. When I went through the criteria of all of the topics in the survey, I honestly did not know what the survey was talking about or what it meant. This was really concerning to me because I like to think that I do a pretty good job when it comes to instruction of my class and how I assess their knowledge of the material. I learned from this survey that there are a lot of things I do well ...view middle of the document...

I make sure that I am visible and mobile inside my classroom. I want my students to do well on tests and gain confidence that they understand the concepts being tested, but I want my students to be self-motivated and self-reliant and to not look to their partners for the answers. I make sure all my students put away any electronic devices into their backpacks and they move their backpacks to the front of the room, so to discourage any distractions those devices may cause. I make it a point to have my room silent and comfortable to get the most out of my students during the test. I want them to concentrate and really achieve a level of mastery in math on their test and on any project they work on. I feel this section was my overall strength and a good start to help me improve my overall knowledge of assessment literacy.
My biggest weaknesses fall into the general considerations section of the survey, and they are my weakness because I truly do not understand or have heard of some of the topics. “Most of today’s public school educators were never required, as part of their pre-service or in-service training, to dig meaningfully into the viscera of educational testing.” (Popham, 2004) I am one of those educators that never received the proper instruction on the literacy of assessments and how to really improve the tests for better results. By taking this survey, it has really opened my eyes to what an assessment is supposed to do and what the assessment should tell me for student achievement. I feel that my greatest limitation in assessment literacy is to distinguish between sound and unsound assessment practices. I understand what is required of me when I distribute and proctor my state achievement test, but I don’t know what would be sound or unsound for testing in the classroom level. The best way I can fix this problem to research what sound and unsound assessment practices would be. I will follow the advice of author W. James Popham, who states “The most practical solution is to locate one or two assessment books written specifically for in-the-trenches educators.” (2004). This will help me better understand the concepts of good assessment protocol and also help me to better understand the vocabulary that goes with the literacy.
Part 2- Analyzing School Assessment Literacy Survey Results
My school’s grade for the survey was close to the score that I gave myself, an average score of 3.2. In my judgment, my campus does a real good job in some areas, but is very low in other areas, with a lot of room for improvement to increase student achievement. My campus does a great job of assessing the results of our standardized tests for future instruction and communicates very well with all stakeholders with the...

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