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Analyzing My Speech

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According with a record to my speech, I found a lot of mistakes and errors when I´m talking English, so it’s difficult to organize all of ideas, find the correct form to tell it and use the correct words to communicate properly, but when you checked and know the errors you could recognize that ‘the second-language acquisition is concerned with the internal representations of a language in the mind of the learner, and in how those representations change over time’ (Rod Ellis, 2003).
Firstly, there are a lot of errors as misinformation, omission, overgeneralization and transfer errors, in this recorder you can find someone, for example the second language learner was talking about the climate changes in the town the ...view middle of the document...

Also this sentence shows transfer errors when she said “and so with this…” for the reason that she is transferring a pattern from Spanish.
After you evaluate the error in your speech, it’s identifying and describing why they occur. In this recorder there are typically global errors in view of the last examples that make difficult to process for meaning, moreover, when you listen to the recorder, you become aware when L2 is “making silent periods or she is not communicating their knowledge and understanding verbally because her speech is likely to manifest two particular characteristics as formulaic chunks and performing useful language functions” (Rod Ellis, 2003).
In conclusion, when you recognize your errors you could prevent the wrong thing that you tell to answer some questions and improve your speaking when you face other persons. It’s important to “develop a mental system producing a mental grammar by inside and from outside so that learners can delete the grammar rule, add the rule or reconstruct the whole rule creating their own strategy in learning the second language” (Rod Ellis, 2003). Sometimes the learners fossilize because it has stuck in the brain and very difficult to be removed by the learners, but you have to practice again and again to acquire a second language.

Ellis, R. (1997). Second Language Acquisition. New York: OXFORD and OXFORD ENGLISH.

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