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Analyzing Messages Paper

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Analyzing Messages

In this paper, there will be discussion based on three business-related messages that have been sent or received in my organization. We will start to analyze these messages using the communication process. The analysis derived from these messages will include the following: descriptions of the purpose, sender, receiver, message, environment, technology, noise, and feedback; Explanations of whether the message and technology were appropriate given the environment and purpose. We will then formulize a response to one of these messages using direct, effective writing skills. We will also explain how the technology, media, and content of the feedback are appropriate for ...view middle of the document...

Mobile comms networks are usually used in expeditionary environments for all branches of the service.
The problem we are currently facing was the removal of the AF mobile comms network. We need you to evaluate, plan, and supervise the implementation of ONE NET Nipr and Sipr down in Isa. You will need to include planning such as base tent plans, site surveys, equipment, and different accreditation packages. We needed to have detailed research to project a sketch of the overall COA (Course of Action) to have these plans come to fruition.
The purpose of the email was to give me background about a situation. The situation was thoroughly explained on what is going on. The next line of communication was the taskings of what was needed from me and what to focus on to help make this a successful job on my end. The sender was my boss, who manages four other Petty Officer First Classes. The information sent to me was in my field of range of expertise and needed follow-through actions on my part.
The receiver was myself, receiving the tasking from my upper chain of command on what they would like for me to accomplish. The environment was in a workplace on a government unclassified network email system. There was no type of noise or environmental involvement keeping the message from receiving its intended recipient. The technology and message were appropriate given the purpose and the environment due to the information it enclosed. When I came to Bahrain, I didn’t know the story behind anything going on around me. The information sent to me helped clarify a lot of things and pointed me in the direction on where to start my tasking. Since there was no communication breakthrough, the sender and the purpose reached its receiver without any problems. My response was the following:
After intensive research, thinking and planning about the entire task at hand, I was able to get all the necessary items lined up and start the implementation of the networks in January 2011. I planned to have all of our computers, peripherals, and devices ready for installation. I further evaluated the scenario and have all that you have concerned taken care of. If you have any other questions, please email me back.
The response was simple because the initial message from the sender was reviewed and handled as warranted. It helped to alleviate the problem because of the information that I was able to review and handle. There was no missing data which made it easy to address with a solution and fix in a timely manner. The sender encoded the information with an unclassified label. The purpose was words formulating a description of a request. The technology was using the digital signature of PKI certs verifying I was receiving an email from a person who...

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