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Analyzing Managerial Decision In An Organization

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Analyzing Managerial Decision in an Organization

In every organization, the aim and objectives of organizational manager is to be able to make effective and efficient decisions that aid in turning the organization around. They tend to develop a strategy that promotes economic growth and discourages competition. Organizational shareholders need to understand how a shift in demand and supply can affect organizational productivity and price stability. They need to examine their decisions in such a way that will not affect the pillar and foundation of the firm. They need to avoid all the roadblocks that hinder growth. Managers do make decisions that have significant effect on economic output, ...view middle of the document...

Enron failure was caused by improper accounting fraud that was fueled with corruption and inexperienced firm executives to minimize or control failures. Enron problem was flawed by the design within the organization. They designated organizational decision making to lower level employees that possess no training, education and insight. Performance was based on near-term earnings. The organization offered enormous incentives to some of its executives. All these dilemma constituted to the organizational failures which resulted to lost of profits and economic value in the institution.

In choosing the best economic policies, it is appropriate for organizational decision makers to anticipate the responses of the stakeholders which aid in providing a desirable outcome (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2009, p. 5). The theory of demand and supply in product, capital and labor are important factors that need to be considered tremendously in analyzing managerial decisions. The change in prices, quantities of other goods, opportunity cost and division of labor do have a strong impact in managerial decision. Strategy is an important factor that increase profitability and economic value in the firm. According to (Brickley, Smith & Zimmerman, 2009) they highlighted “successful organizations are not made up of collection of good ideas but policies are carefully coordinated (p. 10). The firm architecture must be willingly able to work together to achieve economic prosperity. A structured organization is able to overcome competition among all other firm once the executive analyze their decisions before implementing. Managers should be able to understand the motives and behaviors of the people than having a different mindset about the people. This may affect economic decisions and actions in the firm. Centralized and decentralized organizational decisions should be evaluated and well examined. They have benefit and cost that relates to economic value.

2 Price Elasticity on Tobacco

The price of a product is an important aspect to consider in demand and supply analysis. Consumers view price of a particular product as variable in making economic decisions. Price of a product leads to a...

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