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Analyzing Hr Of Siemens Pakistan Engineering Company Limited As A Strategic Partner

2001 words - 9 pages

Introduction 3
Economy of Pakistan at a Glance 4
Siemens at a glance 5
Strategic Analysis of Siemens: 6
Vision 6
Mission Statement 6
Strategic Focus: 6
HR as a Strategic Business Partner defined by Dave Ulrich 7
Competence Pillar 8
Technical Competence 8
Team Skills 9
Communication Skills 9
Ability to Learn 9
Recruitment and Selection at Siemens 10
Apply online 12
Telephone interview: 12
Face to Face interview: 12
Aptitude Test 12
References and background checks: 12
Background/Probity Checks: 13
Offer & Acceptance 13
Training & Development 13
Performance appraisal: 17
Pay levels: 25



The overall ...view middle of the document...

Pakistan is going through a hard time, the prime indicator of which is the declining GDP of the country, companies especially those relying on electricity and gas are having trouble.
We know that Siemens is a leading electronics and electrical engineering company, which belongs to the industry that tends to move with the performance of the overall economy, so this the human resource of the company can help to survive in the market, therefore the company should realize that role of human capital is very important now than ever. We are interested to search the HR of the company as a strategic partner defined as the business partner that helps in achieving the strategic goals of the company, but for HR to become the strategic partner there are a number of things that have to be accomplished according to Dave Ulrich. We are taking Siemens Pakistan as our example to look for the specific steps taken by the organization to make HR as the Strategic Partner (Our theme).
Economy of Pakistan at a Glance

We need to have some insight of the key macro-indicators in order to have a better idea where the economy is moving. Pakistan is the sixth most populous economy of the world with 184 million people living in a total land area of 796095 square kilometer, with roughly 551 people per Mile. More than 65% of its population is living in the rural areas. Pakistan’s GDP per capita is USD $ 1042. In the table below are listed some of the very important indicators of the economy that show the overall health of the economy, GDP growth is the main Coincidence Variable, and we can see that there has been decline in this over a period of time and it is expected that GDP in the coming years will remain low because of the lack of availability of the factors of production including electricity and gas, further more high inflation represents the uncertainty in the economy and makes forecasting much more difficult, unemployment after 2008 is again on the rise the reason for this is the closure of certain industries due to lack of availability of electricity and gas, so it’s natural that those industries that were relying on these resources are going through a hard time, and they have to rely on other means this raises the cost of production and the analysis of exports of Pakistan is the indicative of the fact that its exports are hit badly for same reason and finally due to the overall uncertainty, political upheavals and economic mismanagement in the country Foreign Investment has also reduced which is a further hit to the economy.

Year GDP Growth Core Inflation FDI(Millions) Unemployment

2005 5.8 7.52 3521 8.30 %
2006 6.8 5.94 5139.6 6.60 %
2007 3.7 8.37 5152.8 6.50 %
2008 1.2 17.55 3179.9 5.60 %
2009 4.1 17.83 2150.8 7.40 %
2010 2 11.17 1772 14.00 %
Source: Economic Survey of Pakistan and

All the above mentioned facts tell us that doing business in Pakistan has become ever difficult than ever,...

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