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Analyzing Experiences Of Selling Process Essay

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Selling has become an important activity which is performed by every individual today, irrespective of their profession. While some are directly involved in selling product and services, others are indirectly responsible for selling. As a financial analyst, I feel that I also make sales in the form of convincing my clients about the stock recommendations. In this process, I make sale of my ideas and research to them. As a customer also, I have dealt with several sales people. While some of them leave a positive impression, others create a bitter experience in my mind. In this essay, I would discuss one positive and negative incident with a sales person and would also discuss ...view middle of the document...

The best thing I liked about the salesman was that he had strong empathy. He was speaking out the process of selecting the vacuum cleaner loud enough so that I could understand the factors considered and the benefit of the particular model to me. He helped me as a friend and was also talking in a very casual and relaxed manner which made me feel good about the whole process of the purchase (Maginn, 2009). He explained to me the ways in which I could minimize the power consumption and also gave me suggestions on how to maintain the cleaner. I was very impressed by his communication skills and his ability to put himself in my shoes to take a rational decision. It seemed as if he did not help me due to his job requirement, but he wanted to help me as a friend.
Negative experience with a salesperson
As an analyst, I am responsible for collecting data and analyzing it to make deductions and conclusions. I had approached a database management company for historical information about stock price movement. I was dealing with a salesman who told me that their company had developed a software which not only provide data, but also presented data in charts and visual format. It was expensive, so I could not buy it until I get my manager’s approval. The salesman then took my phone number and asked me to contact him whenever I’m ready to buy.
After 2 days, he called me to enquire whether I was ready to make the purchases, I told him that my boss was on vacation and would call him when my boss comes back. Still, he kept on calling me and I...

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