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Analyzing An Argument Essay

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Analyzing an argument
David Pierzynski

“Terroism in The name of God” by Yonah Alexander describes the radical Islamic terrorist groups responsible for terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in the Middle East and other parts of the world. In his article, Alexander explains how these terrorist groups formed and the negative effects they are having on society. Through this argument Alexander’s goal is to inform people the magnitude of danger these groups are posing to society and the evils they bring onto the world. I believe Alexander’s target audience is the average person who wants to know more about these terrorist groups in which they hear about in the news so ...view middle of the document...

His article felt more like a history text than a persuasive one.
The first five paragraphs in his section about the Hamas gave a past history of the group and how they formed. In the sixth paragraph of this section he starts to discuss the car bombings and suicide bombings that this group took part in. This should be a strong point for his argument but Alexander fails to give good reason why these acts of violence were bad. He assumes that because they are labeled terrorist it is automatically wrong. Countries commit violent acts in war all the time and explain to their people why they were necessary and for the good of the country. The majority of Alexander’s problem with this essay is his assumption that everyone will agree without reason that the acts of these terrorist are evil.
When talking about the second terrorist group Alexander gives us more of the same details with no reason. Alexander explains the second terrorist group and the harms they have committed against Israeli civilians. The facts he brings up seem to only convince a person who is already pro Israeli in the conflict. A person might just assume that the Israelis deserve it. A person knowing no prior information on the history of the conflict or a person, who is not in favor of Israel being an independent nation, would not be swayed by a listing of facts that could be seen as acts of war.
When listing out the terrorists...

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