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Analyze The Relationship Of The Literature To Its Societal Influences: Langston Hughes And Many Others

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Section A: Analyze the relationship of the literature to its societal influences.In the Caribbean, Jamaica Kincaid's "Girl" is a short story about how it was to be a girl growing up in Antigua. This short piece is one of Kincaid's best representatives of the theme of a young woman's relationship with an older female relative, and of gender roles. Kincaid chooses to write her story in a very detailed, chronological, and unique way so the impact of the unfair treatment of women on her island would be more clearly seen. Antigua is steeped high in tradition and resistance to change is very extreme; moreover, women in Kincaid's island country of Antigua resists in a very subtle, secretive way. ...view middle of the document...

Once again, girls and women had set roles they were supposed to perform. If girls did not learn how to act in the proper way then the rest of the community would eschew them. We see this everyday when children are taken from their single moms due to, let's just say she drinks, what others feel is too much, so her neighbors report her to CPS, and eventually CPS seize the children. This is how the community makes you conform to their folklore or face serious consequences. Girl is being told you do this or you'll be a slut. Girl's threat of serious consequences is being classified as a slut whether you are or not; as for nowadays their consequences is losing the kids or something else that is undesirable. So in conclusion of this analysis I think a central theme can be something like this," Do it our way or our way will do it to you!" (Gulley)Section B. Report on one Author, his life and compare it to his works.Introduction to: Langston HughesMany writers of past and present have attempted to bring light on the subject of racial bias, mistreatment, and hatred. Langston Hughes has been quite successful as a voice for the Black American people with many poems. Langston Hughes was one of the most popular authors during the "Harlem Renaissance", which took place during the 1920s. He has always had a remarkable way to expose the problems of the Black Americans within the American Society in a rather (kind and mean) and situational poetry. Hughes usually managed to write about Black America's problems in a mellow tone way, in contrast to presenting it to the public a rude or angry style, since that was his actual state. Langston Hughes is among the most prominent Black American poets during the twentieth century. His major works revolved around the status of Black Americans in society. In literary circles, it is often said that to appreciate an author's writings, you must study and decipher his/her achievements and life experiences.James Mercer Langston Hughes' life and writings can also be understood using this same benchmark. At an early age, Langston Hughes was exposed to the Arts, including the writings and expressions of other literary authors such as W.E.B. Dubois (CLC 218). His talent for writing was consistent with his life experiences and zeal to harness those moments in his own words. From the 1920's through the end of the late 1960's, he completed a journey which took him around the world to major cities in the East, West, the North, and to Southern America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. (Hughes, 7)Langston Hughes wanted to capture the true essence of the common man. His specialty later became connected to the way he depicted the daily existence and circumstance around the lives of Black Americans. For over forty-six years, he exhausted every conceivable medium to convey and translate his observations into creative literary expressions. During Hughes young adulthood, Black Americans were viewed as the low lives and second class citizens, and...

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