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Analyze Films Essay

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In this reflective paper, I intend to describe how a film is analyzed as a whole. Analyzing films is considered an art form that attempts to “break up the whole to discover the nature proportion, function, and interrelationships of the parts” (Boggs and Petrie, 2008, p. 7). The art of watching films is similar to creating those films because it is a form of artistic expression. The art of analyzing films is just as difficult as making the films realistic to the viewer’s eye. One must be able to respond to the film that is continuously moving without stopping the film.
In film analysis, the theme refers to the special part of film that focuses on the “unifying central concern ...view middle of the document...

The first viewing is similar to a rough draft where the viewer is just attempting to obtain some of the film’s concepts. The viewer is trying to understand the plot or what is happening in the film. By incorporating the theme based on opinion, one will be able to redirect the analysis.
Unlike a story, a film cannot be frozen in time in order for the viewer to truly take the time to analyze it. Films contain so many possible elements that studying all of them will take time, and this process should be embraced. Being able to evaluate the theme really turns into a subjective process than an objective one. One must be able to take a step more in the direction of objectivity even though there is some aspect of subjectivity.
The film must have a plot that is considered interesting and allows the viewer to become caught in the reality, the fantasy, and what should or should not be in the truth of the film. For example, one can enjoy films that are filled with action packed scenes. Either a film that shows the car racing as more than just a sport, or shows some type of physical activity that one would not perform on a daily basis. “Even though a movie may hint at a certain outcome the suspense should lead the viewer down more than one possible reasons for a different outcome of the film.
One must be actively searching for universal themes that may make up the film. A good story is brought together through the “plot, characters, and structure” (Boggs and Petrie, 2008, p. 42). A good story that is interesting can capture an audience through suspense, and action. The characters are shown in a particular perspective that helps the audience relate.
Another method of analyzing films is through the varieties of characters that may be presented in the film. For example, The Matrix shows three main developing characters that are solely affected by the story. These characters undergo some type of change for instance, Neo goes from a man of the world as he knows to a person that will save us all from the matrix. His goal for his “reality” changed all throughout the film. As his character learned his understanding of his purpose for his life developed. For example, flat versus round characters are two-dimensional, whereas round characters are three-dimensional characters that show a degree of complexity. Another aspect is making choices for the names of characters. Every character must have a name that establishes some type of meaning in the film.
With many films, symbolism is used to help trigger “previously associated thoughts or ideas in the mind of the person perceiving the symbol” (Boggs and Petrie, p. 71). There are four ways of creating symbolic meanings in films. The most obvious is drawing attention to that symbol by repetition (Boggs and Petrie, p. 73). Another way is making an object valuable to the main character. For example, characters talk about the symbol constantly. The symbol is placed strategically in...

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