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Week 7 Analytical Paper

The purpose of this paper is to capture the different characteristics of Leadership, and how this apply to a real case scenario. The case scenario was briefly explained, and an analysis was performed to cover how the case fits in the theoretical framework covered this week. The organization had a transformation due to a change of the immediate leadership, and the team members and leadership performance drastically improved. The new leadership positively motivated, encouraged, guided and played the leadership roles with their team members with an improvement on people’s morale ...view middle of the document...

The immediate subordinates did not like his behavior and did not perform and execute, as the individual wanted them to. The command decided to re-structure the different areas of operations and two of the immediate subordinates were re-assigned to a different division and a new immediate subordinate came on board and was running the other two immediate subordinates areas. The mission was impacted by the absence to an important meetings with higher headquarters and the local and regional team members. This new immediate subordinate came with a fresh mind, attitude, and mentality and his behavior positively influenced the Division Chief and team members’ behavior.

Theoretical Framework
Leadership is characterized by the influence and power of the leader to guide the followers towards the achievement of the organization’s goals and mission (Colquitt, et al. 2013). In today’s business world is imperative that every organization posses an effective leader or practice an appropriate leadership style to guide the organization at any circumstance. Leaders are required to step forward and assist the organization to enhance the efficiency by enforcing the organization politics, leadership style and decision-making process.
The leadership decision making style will play an important factor when measuring the subordinates commitment and outcome. Colquitt, et al. break down the different decision-making styles as follow (2013):
• Autocratic style- the leader will make any decision without any suggestions or feedback from their subordinate or peers.
• Consultative style- the leader consults the decisions and ideas to the team or individuals. This style allows the leader to illustrate the goals or objectives and allow the individuals or team being part of the decision. However, this will depend what decision needs to be made.
• Facilitative style- the leader presents the issue to the individuals and unanimously come up with a solution.
• Delegative style-the leader allows the team member to make decision with certain restrictions.
Leaders are constantly engaging their roles to provide effective guidance and directions at the workplace to expand their employees’ knowledge and skills. Every individual is different and is imperative that leaders understand their daily operation and the day-to-day behaviors within the organization (Colquitt, et al. 2013). The two dimensions captured in the day-to-day behaviors are:
• Initiating Structure- where the employees’ roles are defined and structured.
• Consideration- when the job relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and the considering the employees’ feelings.
The types of power are the organizational power and personal power; and the combination of these two powers leads to the ability of influencing others within the organization (Colquitt, et al. 2013). In addition, the organizational power has three types of powers:
• Legitimate- when the individual is an position of authority...

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