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Analytical Essay

741 words - 3 pages

Dr. Parker

English 102: Sect. D09

Fall 2014
Paper 1: On Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Great Gatsby
Format: Follow Easy Writer guidelines and those specified in “Using Quotations Effectively,” “The Thesis Statement,” “Mechanics” and “Integrating Sources” (under “Writing Tips” on Blackboard)
Page Length: 4-6 pages (1000-1500 words)
Due Dates: Preliminary draft uploaded to Blackboard––Friday, 9/19 (under Course Content/Formal Papers and Oral Presentations)
Your draft should include at least the thesis paragraph and five passages that you plan to draw upon in the paper.
Rough draft conferences––9/29-10/1
Prepare to read your draft to me during ...view middle of the document...

You may want to consider the place and time of their meeting.

2. Write the seduction episodes in Sir Gawain story from the perspective of the Lady. You may want to consider how much she was following her own inclinations or the orders of Bertilak and/or Morgan le Fay in engaging in the seduction game, what her own aims and desires were, and what she might have thought of Gawain’s anti-feminist diatribe at the end of the text.

3. Write an episode from The Great Gatsby in which Jordan is telling Daisy’s story (just as Nick is telling Gatsby’s). You may want to consider how reliable Jordan herself is as a narrator and whether she would romanticize Daisy. You may also want to consider whether a woman’s perspective on the events would put a different slant upon them.
Analytical Options
For analytical papers, make sure that you have a clear, analytical thesis statement, preferably one that addresses a how question (how the texts achieve particular effects) and a why question (what “message” the texts convey to us). Each paragraph should have clear, analytical topic sentences that convey the key idea of the paragraph. The introductory paragraph should get to the point in a succinct and interesting way. The...

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