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Analysis: We Need To Talk About Kevin

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“We Need to Talk About Kevin,” a novel written by Lionel Shriver about a boy who commits a Columbine at his high school. Written in the perspective of his mother, she reflects and analyzes starting from the point prior to Kevin's birth. She questions whether choices she made, how she felt about Kevin, actions that were taken, not taken, was the cause of her son killing his classmates. Or the possibility that Kevin was born with an unstable mindset.
Eva, the mother, had a very successful career. She was the CEO and owner of a travel agency. Prior to having children, she traveled a lot and for months at a time. She married Franklin, who was a freelance photographer. They were a slightly ...view middle of the document...

“Which studies revealed that increase in number of childcare arrangements increase the child's behavioral problems and a decrease in pro social behavior?” (pg. 199 LSD) In Kevin's adolescent years, Eva took on a proactive motherly role. She decided to spend more time at home and made a huge effort to form a connection with Kevin.
But even trying to form a bond with Kevin was difficult for her. She had a hard time understanding and handling him. Eva felt that Kevin's delinquent actions had the sole purpose of hurting her. Even after committing the violent massacre, Eva still went to visit her son. She made huge efforts to be a good mom, but it was not enough to save her son from committing such a crime. Eva was not the perfect mother, but Kevin was no walk in the park either. As a baby he cried constantly. He wore a diaper until six. He attended a “Montessori approach school in which children are given considerable freedom and spontaneity in choosing activities.” (pg.233 LSD) Kevin was interested in very few things. He did not like playing, social interaction and thought everything was dumb. “Play helps children master anxieties and conflicts. Because tensions are relieved in play, children can cope with life's problems.” (pg.266 LSD) Kevin liked nothing. When Eva announced that he was going to have a sibling he shot back with “You're going to be sorry.” (pg. 218 WNTAK)
His relationship with his mother was estranged. The two tolerated each other. His relationship with his father was superficial. The only bond was for the common interest in archery. The family...

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