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Analysis Project: Kudler Fine Foods Outsourcing And In House Photography

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Analysis Project: Kudler Fine Foods
Outsourcing and In-House Photography
Brook Dennen
May 09, 2014

Kudler Fine Foods: Outsourcing and In-House Photography

Deciding on whether to outsource your photography to a professional photographer or keep them in-house depends on many factors. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing and using a professional photographer. But, as a business, Kudler Fine Foods must review both the pros and the cons of outsourcing in order to decide if it is the right decision for them or not.
Outsourcing the company’s photography allows Kathy Kudler to spend more time working on making the business strive rather than spending valuable time ...view middle of the document...

Confidentiality may be a disadvantage to outsourcing. Outsourcing to another company, such as a professional photographer, means that there is a risk that confidential information could be compromised. Lastly, there is the possibility of hidden costs or extra charges. Although typically there would be a contract between Kudler Fine Foods and the professional photography brokers, there is always a chance that additional charges for services may arise. Therefore, the cost of outsourcing could be more of a disadvantage than expected.

Creating an infrastructure to take photographs in-house instead of outsourcing could be costly. The proper equipment would be needed and the company would need to know how to work the equipment in order to get good results. Cameras, lighting, photography studio, and image editing software, are just a few of the tools needed to take in-house photographs for websites and advertising. The cost for creating the infrastructure may be too high that it would be more reasonable to outsource. In addition to that, the company would need training on how to use the equipment. The advantage to taking in-house photographs is that Kudler Fine Foods would have total control over the end result. There would be no risk of privacy being compromised or hidden costs for services.
Legal issues are something to consider when dealing with a company’s photographs, whether it be in-house or outsourced. The professional photography brokers hired by Kudler Fine Foods does not own copyright to any of the images they work with, so they can only use the pictures for their intended purposes. When taking pictures either in-house or by a professional, the photographer needs certain permissions. Such permissions include, taking photographs on private property, photographs that include minors, or recognizable people.

Kathy Kudler, of Kudler Fine Foods, should take into consideration the photography equipment that is imperative if deciding to take in-house photos rather than using a professional photographer. It is crucial to obtain the necessary equipment so that the photographs maintain the professional look that Kudler Fine Foods desires.

The camera is the most important piece of equipment that is needed. Although it doesn’t matter the brand or the price of the camera, it is suggested that when capturing photos in-house, a professional single lens reflex (SLR) camera be used instead of the novice point-click camera. (Walker, 2014) The type of photographs that will be taken determine the different camera requirements that will be needed, like high shutter...

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