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Analysis Paper Draft

3583 words - 15 pages

Annotated Outline
Part 1 – Analysis of Work Environment
A. Identify a potential or current work environment
My professional role is the director of a faith base substance abuse
residential recovery organization in Kansas City, Missouri for homeless women, committed to overcoming their addiction and becoming responsible, productive drug and alcohol free members of the community. Author’s Tsai, Rosenheck, Kasprow & Mcquire (2012) study differentiated between programs that were once religious but are now secular from programs that have always been secular and programs that currently have a religious orientation. As a director for a non-profit ...view middle of the document...

g., local, state, or federal laws). Human service professionals inform clients of the limits of confidentiality prior to the onset of the helping relationship.
3. Dual relationship- Standard 5
Human service professionals recognize that multiple relationships increase the risk of harm or exploitation of clients impairs their professional judgment. When it is not feasible to avoid dual or multiple relationships, human service professionals should consider whether the professional relationship should avoided or curtailed.
4. Fees for service-This is not mentioned in the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professional Code of Ethics
5. Use of distance technology -Standard 9
When providing services through the use of technology, human service professionals take precautions to ensure and maintain confidentiality and comply with all relevant laws and requirements regarding storing, transmitting, and retrieving data. In addition, human service professionals ensure that clients are aware of any issues and concerns related to confidentiality, service issues, and how technology might negatively or positively impact the helping relationship.
D. Evaluate the work environment in relation to the legal, ethical, and accepted standards of
Practice for that setting.
Owczarzak, J., Dickson-Gomez, J., Convey, M., & Weeks (2013). What is “support” in supportive housing: Client and service provider’s perspectives. Human Organization 72(3), 254-262
Part 2 – Analysis of Ethical Dilemma
(a) Ethical dilemma – Dual Relationship
The organization I am director of just hired a new female case manager who recognized a female client in the residential program from the past through a social connection outside of
of the organization about a year ago. Female case worker and client had a sexual encounter.
(b). The main ethical concerns – Disclosure and Trust
Plaut, M.S., (2007). Sexual and non sexual boundaries in professional relationships: Principles and teaching guidelines. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 23(1), 85-04
Moleski, S., & Kiselica, M. (2005). Dual relationships: A continuum ranging from the destructive to the therapeutic. Journal of Counseling & Development 83(1), 3-11
(c). Documentation for the ethics committee
Walden, S.L., Herlihy, B., & Ashton, L. (2003). The evolution of ethics: Personal perspectives of ACE ethics committee chairs.
Journal of Counseling and Development, 81(1), 106-110
(d). Moral values, professional ethics, business or practice standards, and legal guidelines for governing conduct
Verbos, A., Gerard, J. A., Forshey, C. S., & Miller J., S., (2007). The positive ethical organization: Enacting a living code of ethics and ethical organizational identity. Journal of Business Ethics, 76, 17-33
(e). Application of theories and techniques related to ethics and leadership
Velsor, E., Ascalon, E., (2006). The role and impact of leadership...

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