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Analysis Paper

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Audience Analysis Paper
When presenting a meeting such as quarterly sales one must take into consideration the type of audience he or she is presenting the meeting to. One must reflect on the diversity of the group in order to present a well deliberated quarterly sales meeting. The diversity of the audience will help the presenter decided on the proper communication which is appropriate for the tone of the quarterly sales meeting. The presenter must also take into consideration the effectiveness of the message that he or she is trying to state. Managers, sales people, and customers all play an important part of the quarterly sales meeting, each ...view middle of the document...

After analyzing the individuals of the group one must then analyze the audience as a group. One must take into consideration the demographics and the psychographics of the groups. One must look at the demographics in order to see the types of audience he or she will present to in order to relate the message in a way that no one will take offensive. When presenting to the psychographics group one must consider lifestyle, values, beliefs and goals since he or she are qualitative rather than quantitative (Kienzler, 2008).
A communication channel is very important when trying to convey a message to ones audience. When deliberating an oral presentation the presenter must use emotion to help persuade the audience, focus the audience attention on specific points, resolve conflicts and build consensus, modify plans, and get immediate action or response (Kienzler, 2008). One must be able to convey the message in a proper manner in order to reach success in what he or she is trying to present. No matter if the presentation is done orally or written one must be careful to make sure the message is reaching the appropriate audience he or she is trying to reach. The communication chancel needs to be taken in to consideration due to the fact that it can make or break the message one is trying to deliberate. The message that one is trying to convey must be appropriate in order to fulfill the audience one is trying to reach. For example: a car sales man would have a better chance of conveying his message on the television rather than a flyer in a newspaper who can only reach the audience who knows how to read and a get the paper. The care sales man has a better chance at broadcasting his business through the television since television is watched by millions of people. The sales man would broadcast his advertisement in the local...

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