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Analysis On Of A Development Company

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This is to about one of the leading real estate companies named PIXEL properties ltd. Now a days, this company is having a big problem about their sale of apartments. They are decreasing the amount of the sale of the apartments because of the announcement of the government to stop providing electricity for domestic use. If the company can’t find an alternative to increase their sale of apartments, it will make a big lose for the company. We discussed here three solutions which will help the company to increase the sale of apartments. Which are 1.discounts, 2.putting solar systems on the apartments, 3. Solving their problems about the apartment.

Company Profile

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Ongoing projects: Pixel Taskin, Pixel Maisura, Pixel Putul Hermitage, Pixel Graciana.
Recent Condition: Now they recognized themselves as one of the leading Real Estate Developers Company in Bangladesh through their work.
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These days PIXEL properties ltd. is facing a big problem. It’s about their sales. Now-a-days, they are losing their sale of apartments. The company has experienced more than 50 percent fall in sales over the last 6 months. The company has sold only four apartments in the current year against 30 that was recorded in 2011. In 2009 government announced to stop providing new electricity connections for domestic use. From then gradually the number of sale of apartments are going down. As a result, Apartments are ready but customers are losing their interest to buy a new apartment because there are no sufficient electricity connections. If this problem continues, in near future company may face a big lose or may be closed. So company should have to find some alternatives to increase their sale of apartments.

Solution I

Discounts can be the first solution. These days’ discounts are more attractive to the domestic people than other things. Company can give many attractive discounts like:

* For those customers who will buy an apartment with full payment, they will get 15%-20% discount.

* Customers who will buy biggest apartments they will get a discount of 500 taka for per square feet.

* Those who will book during a special time or period like 16th December, 21st February,26th march, EID etc. they will get discount of 30%-35%.

As the discounts are most attractive to the customers, I hope it...

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