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Analysis On Level Of Customer Satisfaction Of Luminous India Private Ltd

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First and foremost I would want to thank my project guide & director giving each and every student a platform of such nature where even before the completion of the course, interaction with the industry and exposure to the same is made possible.

I am hearty thankful to my project guide Mr. Udit Dwivedi,who gave me the various details regarding the organization and also showed me that how to work under the electronic market and how to deal with various products.

I learnt a great deal from relevant people of such stature where I was able to obtain valuable feedback on my evolving thoughts about the changes that have been taking place in the market.

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Rakesh Malhotra, the SAR Group is a Delhi based |
|Group of companies which started with the marketing and distribution of DB UPS and Standard Batteries. SAR has also handled the |
|distribution of Lubricants for some time. Following are the companies which is under SAR group:- |
|[pic] |
|SAR silicon system pvt. Ltd, 2. SAR softech pvt. Ltd., 3. SAR adventure and tourism and pvt. Ltd., 4. Luminous electronic ltd. |
|Luminous has the India's largest Inverter and UPS manufacturing facilities. Located in the foothills of Himalayas at Baddi, Himachal |
|Pradesh. |
|This factory has over 43,000 sq meters of land with covered area of 12,000 sq meters with an installed capacity of 2.5 million |
|inverters a year. This factory is equipped with in-house PCB line and high-end transformer manufacturing with CNC Coil winding, Core |
|filling machine and Vacuum Impregnation plant. The components are mounted through Japanese automatic high speed insertion machines and|
|surface mounting technology machines onto the PCB's supported by modern wave soldering machines, with high fillet nozzles, in-circuit |
|testing and many ATEs (Automatic Test Equipments). The assembly section is supported by five automated assembly lines and material |
|feeding conveyors. |



Luminous Power Technologies (P) Limited is a leading global company delivering high quality power products for home and commercial applications.

The company’s portfolio also includes products and services in telecom infrastructure & renewable energy systems like solar, wind and hybrid solutions. Founded in 1988, the group has revenue exceeding US $ 250 million in FY 09-10 and projected to be US $ 500 million by FY 10-11.

The group businesses include Power Backup, Power Storage, Distributed Power Generation, Renewable & Alternate Energy solutions and Physical infrastructure solutions for IT & Telecom, Engineering Design & Support services, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles and mobile phones & accessories.

Luminous apart from its dominating position in the domestic market has strong foothold in over 32 countries worldwide. Its Global Technology Centers located in India, United States & China deliver cutting edge technology that goes into making every Luminous product a class apart from its competitors. Luminous follows its proprietary UGC (Universal Grid Compatibility) process to ensure consistency & very high standards of reliability of its products across the globe.

Luminous has been consistently winning awards & accolades for market...

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