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"The Wood-Pile": A communion with natureRobert Frost's poem, "The Wood-Pile", focuses on a man who adventures himself in a frozen swamp. Away from home, he fears the environment surrounding him. Until a small bird, flies ahead of him and draws his attention on a decayed woodpile. This marks a turning point in the poem. The man, hypnotized by the wood pile, feels more comfortable because he knows humans were here before him. He enters in some sort of communion with nature. In his line by line analysis of Frosts poem "On the Woodpile", J.Donald Crowley states that home is a place where one feel's comfortable and lives peacefully with his self. Through his poem, Frost explains home is an ...view middle of the document...

He decides to go beyond his limits even if he feels uncomfortable walking on the snow "save where now and then" (Frost, line 4). The speaker doesn't know what he wants. On the contrary, Crowley point of view is that courage is making him continue his journey through the swamp: "immediately answered to by the courage" (Crowley, page 2). The use of "we" (Frost, line 3) implies that the speaker, though he is walking alone, he thinks of himself as being bound to some greater being, perhaps nature or God. On the other side Crowley analysis lead him to say the use of "we" refers to the speaker and his fear, a point I disagree with. Furthermore he being lost doesn't improve his situation "Tall slim trees Too much alike too mark I was here or somewhere else" (Frost, lines 7-8-9). The terrain lacks character. Additionally, they formed a pathway; and impel the speaker to walk on one single course. It seems like this uniform environment drives the speaker crazy. It is not friendly enough for him to feel home, and he is quite aware of that: "just far from home" (Frost, line 9). Crowley bears with my analysis, by saying the word "just" points up the severe, even terrifying, limits of his knowledge" (Crowley, page 3).As stated earlier, home is an abstraction lost and gained through several stage of life. The bird plays an important role; he provides a guided tour of the swamp to the speaker, who is going to look at it from a different aspect. The bird adds some confusion in this uniform environment, the abundant use of "who", "what", "that" referring to the bird or the speaker in lines 11-13 refer to the interaction happening with the bird. It is a sign of hope for the speaker because he knows he isn't the only one out here. However the bird appears to fear humans; probably because they usually hunt him; and the white feather on his tail is a symbol of surrender. He is being "careful" (Frost, line 10) with the narrator. The speaker acts with the bird as if it was human. He is upset of the bird because it said "no word to tell me who he was" (Frost, line 12). This reveals the speaker's lack of communication; he must have turned crazy being alone in the swamp. This comes at a point where gently mocks the bird for being too self-centered, for thinking that the whole world would be interested in its "feathers" (Frost, line 14). The bird seeks comfort by hiding behind the woodpile, likely to hide from the speaker. But unexpectedly the man's attention is drawn by the pile of wood. We can convey the speaker is a person who has the leisure and the curiosity to follow whatever path his imagination leads him too. Going into details my analysis approaches Frost's poem differently, but doesn't disagree with Crowley's. But we indeed both said the bird opened the speaker's eyes on his situation, recognizing his homelessness in this environment.Unquestionably, the title of the poem "The...

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