Analysis Of The Short Story “Every Good Boy” By David Nicholls

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By Alexander Vollmers-Hansen
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This essay is an analysis of the short story “Every good Boy” by David Nicholls. I will analyse the main theme, characterize the narrator, the composition, the role of the piano and the ending.
We have all been there, and for some, it is still a main struggle; what are we good at? Will we ever be good at anything? Michael, the main character and the narrator of this story, is in that situation; he was literally not good at anything at the age of nine. He was remarkable for being entirely without any abilities, but maybe, he had just found the cure for his problem. “It’s a piano” is the first sentence in the text, and at the ...view middle of the document...

He is a young man, who is looking back at his childhood, from when he was a 9-year-old boy. He talks about how he lived in a family, where he was the only one, who didn’t have a special gift or ability. He describes in depth the piano that he gets free from a pub, how monstrously build it was and how the keys were chipped and discoloured like fungal toenails. Overall, how disgustingly creepy and ugly it was. He also describes, how that even though the lid was down, the machine oozed malevolence, thrumming along to the TV as if possessed. So already from the beginning, he sees the piano as a bad thing. However, does that opinion have anything to do with what happens at the end of the story?
The piano
The piano is the main element in this story. In the text, the piano is the symbol for being acknowledged. For Michael, being able to play the piano would mean that his parents would recognize him, because he for once would be good at something. Unfortunately, the piano represents at the same time the cruel monster that will murder his piano teacher, Mrs Patricia Chin, at the end of the story. This symbolises an answer to Michael, which is that he should not play the piano. Michael feels very responsible for her death, as he sees the way he played the piano,...

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