Analysis Of The Jaw Crusher Producing Dust Source

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Analysis of the jaw crusher producing dust source_Ivylm522in prosperous Heavy vertical crusher in place before starting by observing the hole to check eddy broken cavity whether the ore bed, and if not, should whirl crushing cavity accumulation of material particle size not more than 25mm of material until the material gravity, the formation of the ore bed.Check the impeller direction of rotation from the feed inlet, the impeller should be counter-clockwise rotation, otherwise it should be adjusted to the motor wiring.The starting order for the broken machine and material handling equipment as follows: the feed belt conveyor discharge opening belt conveyor → 5x new Sand Jaw Crusher → crusher must be no-load starting, must be broken machine in normal operation only after feeding.Feed Size in strict accordance with the provisions of all kinds of feed size, feed, is strictly prohibited materials greater than the specified size into the crusher, otherwise it ...view middle of the document...

Broken in the process of machine work, observation doors should be sealed tightly closed, install the belt cover. Routine maintenance and security technology is important, it is necessary to learn this step we will be operating after regular shutdown Open observation door to check broken internal parts wear, each wear-resistant lining ring.Liner.Impeller liner.The circumference of the shield and wear wear wear shall promptly replace or repair the wear block wear a full set of replacement at the same time to ensure the balance of the impeller operation.Found jaw crusher that the impeller body wear should be replaced or ask the manufacturer repair.jaw crusher:
ball mill:

Crusher work to open the observation hole to observe the internal situation, in order to avoid danger is strictly prohibited. Crusher # 3 lithium base lubricating oil or molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) grease, join Rotary Kiln the bearing cavity 1/2 to 1/3 the work of the crusher 400h by adding the right amount of grease, work 2000h open the spindle assembly of the bearing cleaning, the work of 7200 ~ 10000h, should be replaced with new bearings.The top of the spindle assembly bearing for the swimming side, the bottom bearing the fixed end, the hand pulling the pulley assembly should be able to rotate flexibly. Drive V-belt tensioning size should be adjusted to fit, in order to ensure that the V-belt force uniform, dual-motor drive, on both sides of V-belts should be grouped optional length as much as possible so that each group should be adjusted to the current difference between the two motor does not exceed 15A. The vertical crusher is a high-speed operation of equipment, crusher run should pay special attention to production safety, the operator should be operating in the specified positions, unrelated persons should stay away from the crusher, For machine repair, should be conducted after the shutdown. ball mill:
Metallurgy Rotary Kiln:
Jaw Crusher:

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