Analysis Of The Force

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An Analysis of the Force
By Anna Yellis
In 1977, Star Wars was released. It became one of the most prominent movies in the twentieth century. It created the Force, and expressed a new set of ideas. While many came to believe that in Star Wars, the Force resembled God, it really did not. Many also thought that the Force was based on the twentieth century worldview, once again, it did not. Through analyzing the Force with the twentieth century and the Biblical worldview, it is clear that the Force has no resemblance to God and that its worldview is not part of the twentieth century or the Biblical worldview.
Master Jedi Obi Won Kenobi first introduces the Force as he sits in his ...view middle of the document...

Because of this, Force-sensitives could feel a "disturbance in the Force" whenever there was a great loss of life.
Yoda states that death is a natural part of the universe. In other words, accept death without emotion. He adds that one should not grieve for those who have died because they became part of the Force. Jedi must not become attached to things, including people. Attachment to objects and people, leads to jealousy and the dark side of the force. In death, the Jedi are able to delay this absorption and appear as spirit guides to aid those in the physical world. This teaching is not new but a fundamental tenet of pantheistic religions.
The worldview that under girds the Force is Pantheism. Pantheism derives in meaning from the Greek word “pan” which means all, and “theism” which means God. Therefore, pantheism teaches that all is God. In other words, God is the universe, he is not separate from the universe but is contained within it. There is no divine personal being who created the universe, there is a divine essence, an impersonal force, a cosmic energy that flows throughout all things in the universe. This energy is called the “One,” “the divine,” “chi,” or “Brahma.” In Star Wars, it is called the Force.
Pantheism teaches that the material world is an illusion. Therefore, one should not get attached to earthly things for they are just an illusion and are not permanent. Pantheism teaches that one can delay their union with the divine and remain as spirit guides to aid those on the journey to enlightenment.The Force reflects one of the main tenets of the pantheistic worldview, the concept of monism, that all is in one essence. The Force is not a personal being. It is an impersonal energy that is made up of and resides in all living things. Therefore, all of life has the spark of divinity because all is essentially one unified entity. The ideology of the Force supports Pantheism.
The Existentialism ideology speaks of a world with no God or a higher being. This world view showed that man had to rely on himself instead of a higher entity. Just like Existentialism, it was the same with the Force. There was no God in the Force. The Force created life, it was the source of power that could be controlled and manipulated. It penetrated, surrounded and bound all life forms together.
Existentialism expressed that ethics and morality was the basis of man. It was man’s role to decide what was right or wrong. To use the Force wisely, for good or evil, man’s emotions was the basis of ethics and morality. Negative emotions brought in the dark side, while positive emotions controlled the other half of the Force, the light side.
The Existentialism worldview stated that death...

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