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Analysis Of The Constitution Of The Usa

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Upon the necessity of founding a basis for a country’s development, an establishment of a constitution was needed. A constitution is a system of fundamental principles according to a nation, in other words it reflects the people’s mentality. This can lead you to rationalize that with the metamorphic process of human beings, frame of minds also have their transformations. Is the alteration of minds the cause why the constitution’s ideas fall out of date? Constitutions adapts to the necessities of an era’s ideals and the way of thinking of the constitution’s authors. Through time, as society grows complex, human necessities change, therefore, a constitution needs to have the ...view middle of the document...

This tax was a payment which was sometimes a prerequisite to exercise suffrage. Because of the changes in mentality of people through generations, this tax was abolished as a way of giving equality of conditions to all citizens.
All of the amendments were proposed to ensure rights among the people of the United States of America. One vital alteration to the Constitution was the adherence of the Bill of Rights. This bill helps to ensure the main purposes of the United States of America’s Constitution. These are the following: ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and ensure liberty in all aspects. Because it directly impacts the civil rights, this bill is the most significant set of amendments of the Constitution. Such is the importance that holds these amendments, not only because of the rights it guarantees, it is also because we as individuals enjoy of its benefits. Till the present day, American people rejoice of having freedom of speech and liberty of pertaining to any religion they wish, depending on their inclination. It defends people’s privacy by prohibiting registers and raids without probable cause. In case of any accusation by the state, the implicated is innocent until proven the contrary, and has the right to trial by jury. These are only few of the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights implemented in the Constitution of the United States of America. The effect arose by the Bill of Rights is far greater than the ones produced by the Constitution, because the Bill focuses on providing rights to individuals, while the Constitution centers in establishing the government’s organization.
There exist twenty seven amendments to the United States of America’s Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. These amendments deal a great variety of topics, which goes from the presidential election, representation in the Congress, the power of taxation, prohibition and individual rights, like the women suffrage. The Constitution consists of general rules that do not contemplate all cases and possibilities. In effect, the judicial power interferes when there is a situation that the existing rule doesn’t contemplate clearly, the courts make their interpretation. The judiciary revision hasn’t always been very clear because the founding fathers established equality in the three branches of the government. This dilemma was resolve in the first cases of colliding rights that went to the Supreme Court, like the Marbury v. Madison case. In these cases the judiciary power reserved for himself the law’s interpretation, not only that, but also the right of declaring it void or unconstitutional.
In the United State of America judicial system exits different levels of power: the...

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