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Analysis Of Team Charter

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Analysis of Team Charter

Analysis of Team Charter
Team charters are important tools that define the purpose, organization, and the expectations of each team member are. Team charters are maps that aid team members to understand the process that will occur when groups are form to work to achieve a specific goal. Also is a document generated at the beginning of the journey to ensure all members are clear of the direction the team is moving and provide guidance when the team is out of focus. The team charter sets down the general expectations and guidelines for members of the team. Previous research has suggested that team charters can pay dividends in terms of more effective team ...view middle of the document...

This personality according to the Jungian 16-Type Personality assessment is an outgoing, visionary, argumentative, and has a low tolerance for incompetence. Also is often seen as a natural leader. I believe the ENTJ personality should be in charge of the group to provide direction and to maximize the use or her personality type to the advantage of the team. Darrell Harris, also a member of team, his personality type is ESFJ. His personality type is gracious, has good interpersonal skills, and is eager to please. Possible career choices are as a social worker, optometrist, childcare worker, and nun. This personality type will be an excellent motivator to the group and will provide support to all team members, and he can be a good mediator to the group when we cannot reach consensus on a particular discussion. My personality type is ENTP. My personality type is innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial. Possible career are as a politician, strategic planner, literary agent, publicist, entrepreneur, investment broker, computer analyst, and ad executive. My personality type will be an excellent asset to team and will generate endless possibilities and ideas to resolve the problems presented to the group. According to the Jungian 16-Type Assessment my personality type is enthusiastic about new ideas and can spread the enthusiasm to other. I believe, our different personality types compliment on each other and make us a strong and successful learning team.
Learning teams can be an extraordinary idea if all team members...

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