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Analysis Of Software Engineering Issues For Mobile Application Development

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Analysis of Software Engineering Issues for
Mobile Application Development
Derreck Stewart
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
MGMT 221 - James Rush

This short paper is an analysis of an existing body of work that addresses the difficulties during the creation of third party or non-native applications. Third party application development has become a large part of the mobile device world; so much so that companies have created Software Development Kits (SDKs) in order to lend necessary resources and guidelines to the developer in order to promote solid programming and ensure reliability in operation. The original work mentions engineering issues shared by native and third ...view middle of the document...

Applications created with these tools are typically mobile web-based and have little function beyond accessing information from a web site.
Wasserman (2011) found eight major issues specific to engineering mobile applications; interaction with other applications, sensor handling, mobile web applications, families of hardware and software platforms, security, user interface, complexity of testing and power consumption. Each of these issues is addressed separately and also includes a short comparison to its native counterpart; I’m just going to review four of the eight. Sensor handling is one aspect that I’ve found to be troublesome, especially when designing an application for an Operating System (OS) that’s used on multiple devices. Each device has its own accelerometer parameters and it takes some tweaking to get a balance and it also requires access to both devices, or at least emulators. Platform Families create problems when different versions of the same OS are used across varying devices. This requires the developer to create a separate application for each devise and OS combination. User interface is another difficulty due to the small changes made in the OS for different devices. For this reason most developers will create applications for a specific device and OS. Finally we have power consumption, a concern of every mobile device owner. As the demand for more powerful applications increases so does the demand for longer battery life, this is due to the battery-draining functions we all want.
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