Analysis Of Rogers Interview With Gloria

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Therefore, the task of the therapist is to create a positive therapeutic climate and allow the client to work out his own issues. Rogers emphasized on the counselors communication skills and to the counselor client relationship. He believed that once the client discovers that another person values him unconditionally and understands his feelings, his self image will improve and personal growth will occur (Ewen, 2010).
Carl Rogers originally labeled person centered theory as non directive. The theory was intended to offer a distinctive option to the behavioral and psychoanalytic theories that were dominant in psychology at that period. At a later time, Rogers expanded the concepts of the theory and renamed it client centered approach to emphasize its non directive nature and the full understanding of all the clients dimensions (Pervin, 2010).
Rogers was the first to introduce the term client, instead of patient, to express his rejection to the traditional relationship between the therapist and the client, he viewed them as being equal. According to Rogers, the client determines the direction of the therapy, he states that individuals are the architectures of their own lives. This form of humanistic therapy deals with the ways people perceive themselves consciously rather than having a therapist trying to interpret unconscious thoughts or feelings. In addition, Rogerian theory does not require any testing or analyzing (Pervin,2010).
The main three attitudes that Rogers says a therapist should have is congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard. Congruence is the genuiness of the therapist. He is free to be his true self within the relationship with the client. Unconditional positive regard is the extend to which the therapist accepts each aspect of the clients experience, even though he may not approve all the clients choices or behaviors. Empathy is the ability to reflect back the clients experiences or feelings and to see the world through his own eyes (Rogers, 2007).
The initial goal of the client centered therapy is to seek to increase the clients insight of himself. Also, the therapists job is to help the client get to self understanding through informal clarifying questions, he is only used as an instrument for the growth and change. Through being genuine, having respect and showing care and support will enable the client to let down his defenses (Ewen, 2010).
Additionally, a good therapist must be an active listener in order to convey empathy, acceptance and genuiness which will enable the client to build trust and feel free to talk. He must be able to paraphrase what the client says in order to confirm to the speaker that he is actually listening carefully to what is being said and also, by doing so, to help him get in touch with his true feelings. Furthermore, a good therapist must be open minded, avoiding judgment or criticism, encouraging the client to talk freely and disclose personal information and feelings....

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