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Analysis Of On Line Trading Web Sites

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The industry chosen for our project is the on-line trading business. Our analysis will focus on the following three web sites: TD Waterhouse & Ameritrade (, E*Trade Financial (, and TradeStation Securities ( EvaluationThis section will describe how the "look and feel" differs for the three Web sites. Each will be evaluated concerning their ease of navigation.TDAmeritradeThe home page for TD Ameritrade is minimal and simplistic. The photo on the page is of an older gentlemen and the quote next to him reads, "Independence is the spirit that drives America's most successful investors." The quote must be there to inspire people to ...view middle of the document...

The look is sleek and sophisticated with easy to find navigation links.E*Trade FinancialThe E*Trade Financial home page has a nice layout and is easy to peruse. The first attention grabber is the advertisement to open an E*Trade money market account. At the very top of the page there is a search engine for both quotes and general information on the site. There is a section for users to enter their ID and password to log on to their account. Several tabs at the top of the page allow consumers to navigate through Trading & Portfolios; Quotes & Research; Mutual Funds, ETFs & Bonds; Retirement & Advise; Banking & Credit Cards; and Mortgage & Home Equity Loans.E*Trade's home page will also allow a user to open an account, view their products and services, access forms and applications, learn about their corporate services, and contact the company through email. Quick links can also take you to more information on trading, investing, banking, and home finance. An information box on the lower right side of the screen shows the stock market information on a 20 minute delay and includes the NASDAQ, DJIA, and S&P 500 indexes. Just below the stock market box is information on lending rates and includes today's rates on 30- and 15-year fixed mortgages, 3-Year ARM, line of credit, and installment loan. There is also a section on highlights showcasing the various services offered.Overall, it is a well designed home page with links that make sense to both the serious investor and to the person interested in learning more about investing on-line.TradeStation SecuritiesThe TradeStation Securities home page jumps out like a pop-up ad. There is a huge picture that states "Now we've eliminated the last reason for not upgrading to TradeStation. Price." The sub-title reads "The most award-winning trading platform is now free to active traders and serious investors." (TradeStation, 2006). It is confusing to whether this is a home page or an advertisement. The text goes on about all the wonderful features and benefits of using TradeStation, but it's difficult to find where to go for more product-specific information. There is another side banner advertisement for futures, equities, options, and forex and a small "go" icon to compare their rates. The tabs at the top navigate to Why TradeStation, Strategy Testing & Analysis, Automated Manual Trading, OptionStation Suite, Deep Discount Fees, and Support Center. There are very small links at the very top of the page to investor relations, client log in, site map, and contact us. You can also click a button for an on-line demo and another to open an account. At the bottom of the page they tout seven awards received in 2006 including best futures brokerage, best direct-access brokerage, best options analysis software, best direct-access futures brokerage, best professional platform, best institutional platform, and 4 ½ stars from Barron's.TradeStation's home page is very busy and...

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