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Analysis Of News Presentation Of Academic Research

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'Alcohol-Attributable Cancer Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost in the Unites States' is a current 2013, peer reviewed research from The American Journal of Public Health. The Objective of the article was to "provide current estimates of alcohol-attributable cancer mortality and years of potential life lost in the United States" (Naimi, 2013). The research contains many methods, sources, discussions, statistical analyses, results, limitations and strengths. After conducting the research, they have found that alcohol is a major contributor to cancer mortality and years of potential life lost as it was approximated at 19,000 cancer deaths, or 3.5% of all US cancer deaths in 2009 and 18 ...view middle of the document...

In this article it also states the different types of cancers attributed to drinking alcohol and other effects it may have to the body.

Medical News Today has conducted a news report, 'Alcohol Plays A Huge Role In Cancer Deaths In The U.S.', based on the original research in order to inform how alcohol is related to cancer in the US and the dangers that follow. It is a standalone article, however it does draw information from other major studies in order to support the evidence found in the original research. It briefly mentions other newspaper articles referring to studies from Boston University Medical Centre - which claims that eliminating alcohol may reduce risk of oesophageal cancer (Fitzgerald, 2012), as well as JAMA - which talks about the breast cancer risks involved with alcohol consumption (Rattue, 2011). The research is reported in a simple structure with the inclusion of dot points and single sentence paragraphs. It outlines all the basic facts, important statistics and found results. For example it states that "15 percent of all breast cancer deaths may be linked to alcohol. For males, cancers of the pharynx, larynx, oesophagus and mouth appeared to be most commonly related to alcohol intake" (Fitzgerald, 2013). However, the newspaper article excludes the mentioning of Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL), as well as any proper mention of all the authors involved in the original research by only mentioning the lead author, Timothy Naimi. In the newspaper article the ideology portrayed is stronger as it reflects the writers interpretation of the academic article and is written with more biased intentions. The ideology that is portrayed here is that Alcohol consumption is a serious matter. For example in the title alone "Alcohol plays a huge role in cancer deaths in the US" is depicted to be a very strong ideological account that alcohol is deadly.

When comparing the newspaper article with the original research, the article is found to be a fair and non-biased representation of the research. The article is presented in a way that is easy to read for the public and it has done this by using simple sentences and...

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