Analysis Of Mobile Applications By Students

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Today every day and every second technology is changing very fast and reducing distance between people even country. We can get information within a second by internet. Technology has been added advantage to the people. Technology is showing new dimension of the world. The technology gives individuals unprecedented new power to make personal empowerment is the most important consequence of the acquisition of technology tools. Technology helps to many sectors like- Education, Business, Space, Health and services. Technology is something that has created a new sensation with the younger generation. The most important contribution of technology to the modern world is cell phone.
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* Time spending on mobile phone applications.
* Purpose of using mobile phone applications.
* To know the operating system in mobile phones.

Main purpose of our research was to know the usage of mobile phone application and its usage. We tried to know that how many time students using mobile phones? What is impact on study and how mobile application helps to students?
Research approach:
In our research we used descriptive approach. We formed questionnaire and taken response from students of NITK. We covered students from all departments. Through questionnaire we took response of students. We have included quantitative analysis also.
The tool for study involves use of a questionnaire.
We used likert scale in our questionnaire.
Sampling technique:
In our research we used non probability sampling and we also used purposive sampling. Because students using different mobile application for different purpose.
Research design:
Descriptive research design is adopted. This design...

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