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Analysis Of Linkedin

1311 words - 6 pages


LinkedIn: The Future
By: Katarina Begonja

Table of Contents

Executive Summary...............................................1

Case Facts..............................................................2,3

Case Analysis.........................................................4,5,6


Work Cited...............................................................8

Executive Summary

Future of LinkedIn. Becoming more like Facebook.

Despite being widely recognized as the undisputed champion of the professional ...view middle of the document...

last year 15% of unique visitors checked via mobile, that has increased to 27% this year. 

-As of now, ad sales only generate less than 1/3 of the company's revenue, but they see this as an opportunity rather than an issue. with mobile usage increasing, and mobile advertising for LinkedIn non existent until now, they believe this is a huge untapped market to cash in on
-LinkedIn has added popular social media features such as: ability to like something, comment, add pictures, upload videos (becoming more like Facebook, and other social sites). 

-LinkedIn is finding ways to integrate the social aspect with a professional touch ... users can upload presentations of their way to display their individuality in a more professional way.

-LinkedIn seems to have smartened up, and realized that while their site is incredibly popular, they can still borrow successful features from other social sites to improve the user experience and user retention. The more time people spend on the site/app, the more LinkedIn can charge advertisers to place ads on their app. 

-Recently LinkedIn launched a new tool called LinkedIn Contacts that aggregates contact information from a user's email, calendar and address book. It looks like the site is making an effort become something of a contact database for its users.

Case Analysis:
LinkedIn focuses on professional information, encouraging users to construct profiles and establish “connections.” Profiles are used to bestrictly professional, with little or no information about hobbies, political or religious affiliations, favorite music, books or movies included. Now that has changed and LinkedIn is becoming more like the social networking site Facebook. People can solicit and make available recommendations from other members and control how much of their profile to show to the public and to other connections. A core notion is that members can explore the direct connections of their connections. More distant LI members can be approached via an introduction forwarded through the shortest chain of intermediaries. Paying members can search for LI members meeting certain occupational or other characteristics, which is particularly useful for recruiters or consultants.
LinkedIn also provides an elegant solution to a social dilemma. People meet at a social event at a trade show, conference, or professional meeting, have an interesting conversation, and exchange business cards. Now back at work, they see your card and want to stay in touch. Once filed, a card may well remain untouched. Sending an email feels imposing; it seems to demand a reply, whereas you may have forgotten our conversation. Such emails are rarely sent and cards stack up in drawers. With LinkedIn one can send an invitation to connect which you can accept with a couple clicks, no imposition. 4

LinkedIn definitely targets young professionals mainly current or recent students. Many young people...

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