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Analysis Of Hotel And Tourism Industry

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Investment Summary

An Analysis of Hotel and Tourism Industry

Tajamouat for Touristic Projects vs. Zara Investment Holding (ZARA) 

Prepared By:
Rasha Alazzeh Khaled Al-Shareef
Marwa Jarkas Kamal Odeh
May Hirzallah Nedal Khouri
Valuation results

  | Tajamouat for Touristic Projects | Zara Investment Holding (ZARA)  |
Risk Characteristic |   |   |
Beta | 0.7 | 0.02 |
Jensen Alpha | -0.45% | -1.34% |
R squared | 0.0873 | 0.0011 |
Investment Performance |   |   |
ROE – COE | -153.40% | -1.14% |
ROC – ...view middle of the document...

This paper will analyze Tajamouat and Zara investments capital structure, recent stock performance, and dividend policy.

Overview of Performance, Corporate Governance:
Tajamouat Business:

The majority of our revenues come from the projects the company took. The real estate industry is highly competitive and faces a number of industry-specific challenges, which can significantly impact the results. These factors include, among others: the fluctuations in the regulatory environment, and pricing and access pressures.

It was founded in 2004 as a Jordanian public shareholding company listed on the Amman Stock Exchange under the Hotel and Tourism section (ticker symbol: TAJM).
Al Tajamouat for Touristic Projects Co. plc has a current paid up capital of 100 Million JD and its assets exceed JD 93 Million Jordanian Dinars. They start the construction of Taj Lifestyle Center in 2006 with an investment value of JD 151 Million Jordanian Dinars and a total built up area of 150,000 square meters, the launch of TAJ lifestyle represents a milestone for Al Tajamouat for Touristic Projects, with the project overcoming numerous challenges to successfully launch in the 4th Quarter of 2011.

As of January 2012, 80% of retail property in TAJ lifestyle has been leased with that figure expected to reach 95% within a few months and significant demand being expressed for the remaining space. As part of its aspiration to revolutionize the shopping, dining and entertainment experience in Jordan, 40% of the brands available at TAJ are new to the Kingdom.
TAJ lifestyle expects a footfall of approximately 20,000 visitors a day and 7 million visitors a year. They also expect (as a future investment) a footfall of approximately 20,000 visitors a day and 7 million visitors a year.

Corporate Governance:

The Board of Directors and Management, employees and shareholders, believe that corporate governance is a necessary component of what constitutes sound strategic business management and will therefore undertake every effort necessary to create awareness within the organization as soon as possible.
The Board’s responsibility to foster the long-term success of the Corporation and secure its sustained competitiveness in a manner consistent with its fiduciary responsibility, which it shall exercise in the best interest of the Corporation, its shareholders and other stakeholders. The Board shall conduct itself with utmost honesty and integrity in the discharge of its duties, functions and responsibilities.
Name of Directors | Designation | Join |
Mr. Halim Salfiti | Chairman | 2005 |
Mr. Moris Horan | Representing AL-KHAIR bank | 2011 |
Mr.Ayham Gharaibeh | Representing AL-KHAIR bank | 2007 |
Mr. Hamid Darwish | Representing AL-KHAIR bank | 2006 |
Mr.Omar Salfiti | CEO | 2004 |
Mr.Baskal Azzam | Representing DAR AL ARKAN | 2010 |
Mr.Nadeem Altawal | Chairman of Specialized Investment Compounds Co. | 2011 |
Mr. Gorge Jad | Representing...

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