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Analysis Of Financial Report

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Assignment on
Title: Measurement of Comparative Performance of AB Bank and Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.

Bank Profile
AB Bank Ltd.
"To be the best performing bank in the country"
"To be the trendsetter for innovative banking with excellence & perfection"
Objectives of the Bank:
To exceed customer expectations through innovative financial products & services and establish a strong presence to recognize shareholders’ expectations and optimize their rewards through dedicated workforce.
Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.
* Dutch-Bangla Bank dreams of better Bangladesh, where arts and letters, sports and athletics, music and entertainment, ...view middle of the document...

Sources: Source refers to the origin from where we have collected all the information. The reliability of the Assignment depends on the source of the information.
The secondary data was mainly used for as a background material and for purpose of reference.
The major sources of Secondary data were.
* The Annual Report of Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd. and Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.

AB Bank Ltd.
* Return on Equity Capital (ROE) = Net Income After Tax/ Total Equity Capital
= Tk.1, 327,983,705 / Tk.14, 852,700,507

= 8.94%
Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.
* Return on Equity Capital (ROE) = Net Income After Tax/ Total Equity Capital
= Tk.2, 005,269,480 / Tk.7, 003,943,881

= 28.63%
AB Bank Ltd.
* Return on Assets (ROA) = Net Income After Tax / Total Assets
= Tk. 1,327,983,705 / Tk. 152,962,836,671
=0 .86%
Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.
* Return on Assets (ROA) = Net Income After Tax / Total Assets
= Tk. 2,005,269,480 / Tk. 100,782,850,082
= 2.00%
AB Bank Ltd.
* Net Interest Margin (NIM) = Net Interest Income/ Total Assets
=Tk. 2,394,149,086 / Tk. 152,962,836,671

= 1.57%
Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.
* Net Interest Margin (NIM) = Net Interest Income/ Total Assets
= Tk. 3,725,263,408/ Tk. 100,782,850,082
AB Bank Ltd.
* Net Noninterest Margin = Net Noninterest Income/ Total Assets
= Tk. 5,348,596,594 / Tk. 152,962,836,671
= 3.50%
Douch Bangla Bank Ltd.
* Net Noninterest Margin = Net Noninterest Income/ Total Assets
= Tk. 3,432,238,337/ Tk. 100,782,850,082
= 3.41%
AB Bank Ltd.
* Net Operating Margin= Total Operating Revenues- Total Operating Expenses/ Total Assets
= Tk. 7,742,745,608-Tk. 3,430,541,243

= Tk. 4,312,204,437

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