Analysis Of “Chinese Partner”From Sociology Perspective

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Analysis of “Chinese Partner”from Sociology perspective
The movie “Chinese Partner” tells a story about the process of three young men get together to entrepreneurs. After watching “Chinese Partner”, I observed four main sociological theories which are related to the movie. First, it is the deviance behaviors. Secondly, it is the socialization. Then comes the stratification and the last is school education.

Cheng Dongqing chose to be a home tutor apart from being an English teacher in Yanyuan University. And this behavior was considered to be a deviant behavior at that time, because Yanyuan University thought teachers taught outside to earn money would cause adverse effects to school, disrupt the teaching order and did not be allowed by school. Cheng’s behavior was thought to be against with the social norm. Cheng Dongqing is a timid man, he chose to conduct ...view middle of the document...

At that time, through the construction of social reality, people gave meanings a place to change the whole world and realize dream to America. With these meanings and the process of socialization, individuals shared the same dream: went to America. People who applied America visa successfully, for example, Meng, felt proudly and yelled:“America, I am coming”and people around embassy applauded him with envy. However, people who failed to get and America visa in the movie looked sorrowful and hopeless and someone even bellowed before the embassy. People who were waiting for face execution appeared expectant,hopeful,strained and afraid.

The first time Meng came to America, Meng fed laboratory rat in the laboratory, after being fired, he work as porter which even can not charge service fees in a restaurant and endured the bullying from the waitress. The second time Meng came to America, he brought his career which he was proud of, however he still be disrespected by the American. Even the taxi driver shouted at him and he waited for Mr.Bono for 8 hours and Mr.Bono cancelled the appointment. Through the efforts and talents from Cheng, Meng and Wong, they achieved their status, social mobility appeared. The third time he came to America, Meng had meals in the restaurant he had worked in, the waitress who had bullied him provided service to him and the laboratory named after him.

In the movie, the cause that let Cheng become the friend of Wang and Meng was Cheng fenced the attack from the classmates for Wang and Meng. Meng offended their classmates because what he said against the teacher, however, in Confucianism, which is one of Chinese religion, to get along with teachers, the most important thing is etiquette, then all students fight with them. This reflects the social control function according to Durkheim perspective. Thoughts from religion control the behaviors of people and decide people’s sense of right and wrong.

Though studying sociology, we can judge the world from an objective and rational perspective and find the truth from superficies.

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