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Analysis Of Childhood Obesity Article (Article Is Included)

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Childhood ObesityThis article focuses on 3 different studies that were carried out in China, the US and Australia related to childhood obesity. In the first, children ranging between the ages of 8-14 were studied. The focus was to study the children over a 16 month period and find the correlation between body image and the strategies used to lose weight and gain muscle. In the second, the focus of the study was to find out if there was any correlation between children eating dinner with their parents every night and obesity. Finally, in the third adolescents that were obese were studied with the focus being whether these children were more likely to suffer from blood pressure related health ...view middle of the document...

I consider this article useful for both types of parents; the ones that are battling against their child's obesity and those who would want to prevent their child from becoming obese. It is important to be aware that at such a susceptible age, where children are undergoing great changes both physical and mental, one must keep an eye out for the children who are eating more than average and most of all those who are eating the wrong foods. The third study should certainly affect readers more than the first two. It is used as an example of what could happen to your child if the right measures are not taken. After taking this class, I can certainly understand the correlation between family and children with problems such as obesity and how it is easier to overcome such problems with family involvement, which I would have had more trouble understanding if I had not.CHILDHOOD OBESITY:Studies add new findings to childhood obesity body of knowledgeNew findings from Australia, the United States and the People's Republic of China describe advances in childhood obesity.Study 1: Researchers report results of a longitudinal study of body image and strategies to lose weight and increase muscles among children in a recent issue of the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.According to the report from Australia, "A longitudinal study was used to examine age differences in the role of body mass index (BMI) and sociocultural pressures in predicting changes in body image and strategies to both lose weight and increase muscles among 443 children aged between 8 and 12 years (207 boys, 236 girls) over a 16-month period. The strongest predictors of body image and these strategies were BMI, the media, and mothers, and to a lesser extent fathers and best friends.""Girls were focused on losing weight, whereas boys were focused on both increasing muscle and losing weight," said Marita P. McCabe and colleagues at Deakin University. "Surprisingly, there was a reduction in strategies both to lose weight and increase muscles as children approached adolescence. The implications of these findings for preventative educational programs for boys and girls are discussed."McCabe and associates published their study in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (A longitudinal study of body image and strategies to lose weight and increase muscles among children. J Appl Dev Psychol, 2005;26(5):559-577).For additional information, contact Marita P. McCabe, School of Psychology, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Melbourne, Burwood, Vic. 3125, Australia. 2: Adolescents who regularly eat dinner with their families are less likely to be overweight.According to a study from the United States, "The purpose of this study was to examine both cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between frequency of family dinner and overweight status in a large sample of 9- to 14-year-old children. We studied a cohort of 7784 girls and 6647 boys, 9 to 14...

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