Analysis Of A Divine Revelation Of Hell By Mary Baxter

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Analysis of A Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary Baxter

This book is informative and descriptive idea of hell and what it is going to be like when someone goes there. This book very clearly describes the different departments of torture in hell. In this book JESUS CHRIST took Mrs. Baxter through hell to tell the world that there is a place called hell. This book was written to save lives and save souls. JESUS told Mary “that this was her purpose in life; to write and tell what he has been shown and told to her. For these things are faithful and true. Her call is to let the world know there is a hell and that JESUS was sent buy god to save them from ...view middle of the document...

Hell has pits where you can walk through and see the pain of those whom are there forever. There are different departments of hell.

There is a left leg, a right leg, a tunnel, a belly of hell, many
pits, different cells in hell and there is a heart of hell. As Mary and JESUS went through hell their were people there who are begging god to let them in heaven and god says no because judgement has been set. He said there has been many people their way to introduce them to god and they refused. Souls are in hell begging for repentance and the answer is no because they had their chance and they turned their backs on god. Some souls even were at one time of another saved and they were going through something to make them stronger in the word and they though god was being unfair to them and blamed god for the mistake; therefore turning their backs on god. There are many false prophets in hell. As god walks through and stop to talk to these prophets they beg and pled for forgiveness and when god says judgement has been set they began to curse god and talk to him in the manner where they are really disrespecting god. As you walk through hell you can see demons all over but they could not touch Mary because god was protecting her. The smell was something unbearable. Hell is no joke and is a place that you don’t want to go. The faith that Mary has is what helped her make it through hell. She described hell exactly how it is. She was there for forty days and it was as if she was in hell through the flesh but only her soul went.

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