Analysis: God In The Details: American Religion In Popular Culture

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When "Friend" Becomes a Verb


Daniel Veidlinger, who comes from American, has a PHD of the University of Chicago majored in Media Theory and Asian Languages and Culture.

Source: Mazur, E. & McCarthy, K. (2011). God in the details: American religion in popular culture. London & New Yok: Rout ledge

Audience: People who are interest in religions in contemp society especially in American society.
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For this second edition, there are several new context that is related to the current situation and events, such as the migration of black male expression from churches to athletic stadiums, new configurations of the sacred and the commercial, and post 9/11 spirituality and religious redemption through an analysis of vampire drama,



He uses a lot of real examples from other author and article from social network, such as MySpace, to support his opinion.

• Because internet is widely used by people to contact each other, it meets the interact and integration function of religion.

• Because people can post picture and article to spread their ideas and religions, it meets the interpreting function of religion.

• Even though, internet can expand information all over the world, it can not expand the conscious of religions to people.

Author’s Conclusion: "…there is no reason to think that these features ( the social features and widely-spread feature) necessarily impede a user's march towards spiritual insights and holistic thinking."


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