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Analysis And Interpretation Of "Elephant" + Different Types Of Endings

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Analysis and interpretation of “Elephant” + different types of endings
Part A
Polly Clark wrote ”Elephant” in 2006. It is a short story about a man, who writes biographies of female pop singers. He is having a writer’s block in the text and later begins to write false events to the biographies. His wife is also trying to get pregnant.
The text is in a restricted third person, which means that the narrator can see everything but only hear the thoughts of one person, the main character William. That also means that we have to guess what the other character thinks, if needed of course. The text mainly contains description, but there is a small amount of dialogue between William and his ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the memory is quite important to the story and for his development. I myself would describe him as a boring person in the beginning. There is nothing exciting about his life, which includes his sex life. It is just something that needs to be done and over with. For example: “His inability to write disturbed him, made him fell blundering and awkward, but he was practiced now in the way this had to be between the two of them, and he succeeded in that he finished within the time he had”. Later on though, you see some thirst for excitement, for something to happen which leads to the false events in his biographies. The reader’s sympathy lies with William, because the reader feels a bit sorry for his uniform life.
The language of the text is simple and standard English with no figurative language, which could symbolize his life, simple and standard with no excitement. The message in the story is to live life or to take some risks. Go out and experience the world. In a small or larger scale is up to the individual. I have decided to put the text into perspective with Ken Follett’s Introduction to the 1999 edition of The Pillars of the Earth. Ken Follett says that if you have had a success in the book business, then you should keep writing in the same genre. That that would be the smart thing to do. However, you do not always have to do the smart thing. He did not. He wrote The Pillars of the Earth, which became his best-selling work. The change he made was a good one. He took the risk and he tried something new. As William did in the end when he wrote false events to the pop singers’ boring life. However, if the best thing to do were stay within the previous successful genre, then why would Follett change his genre? He is being two-sided. He says one thing and do another thing. I have also decided to put the text into perspective with the first picture of the light blue elephant. It symbolizes his development and therefore also the memory of his toy elephant. Maybe if he had not had the memory he would not have developed to the more risky person he is in the end. He might not have change the biographies by giving pieces of his own life to theirs....

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