Analysing Stakeholders On Tesco And Nhs

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Customers are the most important stakeholders in Tesco. Wants and interests tend differ from customer to customer because Tesco has wide range of customers. Although customers are external stakeholders they have a large influence because they are Tesco’s main source of income. Customers want to purchase products at the best prices possible. When customers are displeased with Tesco’s prices they turn to competitors, and as result of this Tesco loses profits and market share to its competitors. Tesco must insure they are offering the best deals and meeting the wants of the customers to prevent this from happening. Further more, being that Tesco has such a large customer ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, many of the NHS’s patients have a necessity for the service or else they would not be able to afford treatment. In addition, the NHS is funded by taxpayer’s money; this means that taxpayers should have access to the service; particularly those who have long term or chronic illnesses. Tesco customers do not necessarily need Tesco, as there are many alternatives, such as Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury’s and many more. However, there are some similarities in interest, such as both customer types wanting a convenient location and convenient hours. The NHS and Tesco both offer 24-hour services; also they both have accessible locations respectively. NHS covers the local General Practitioners, university hospitals, and walk in centres. This makes them very accessible. Tesco offer various styles of stores, such as Tesco express in smaller areas, or the Tesco metro and the Tesco Extra.
The employees of Tesco are in a pinnacle position because Tesco needs them but they also need Tesco. Employees are the backbone of the company, executives may create and develop plans but it’s the employees who actually execute them. Without employees Tesco would not be able to sell it products efficiently. This...

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