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Analysing Self And The Organisation Essay

3322 words - 14 pages

Analysing Self and Organisation


Self Analysis Assignment

John Hall

Student Number: 05020550

January 2007

Word Count: 3220

Tutor: Gillian Forster


Introduction: p 3

Application of Honey and Mumford Theory: p 3

Analysis of Kolb’s Learning Styles: p 6

Application of Belbin analysis: p 10

Personal SWOT Analysis: p 12

Rationale behind Personal Development Objectives: p 14

Conclusion: p 15

Bibliography: p 16

Appendix: p 17


In this assignment it is my intention to analyse a range of learning style models and relate them to a personal analysis in order to determine strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate a ...view middle of the document...

Appendix 1 shows the results of Honey and Mumford questionnaire and the scores show that I am primarily an activist/pragmatist.

The activist/pragmatist descriptions clearly reflect my own self perception and the way in which I frequently act in my personal and professional life.
The excerpt from my own learning log at Appendix 2 is an illustration of this. I am tasked at work with setting up and organising a ‘reference group’ which is an independent body organised to discuss the issues surrounding the treatment of Mentally Disordered Offenders within the Criminal Justice System.

Affinity Healthcare is the host but most of the attendees are from the NHS or other Government bodies and many are reluctant to engage with Independent Sector Providers as they do not wish to be seen to endorse a commercial organisation. We need to be impartial and totally professional and have gone a long way towards achieving this. However, there have been difficulties in finding an effective and impartial minute taker. A new Marketing Assistant is now in place in the department who is ideal and is very keen to carry out this role. The reluctance of the Marketing Manager to release her for this purpose was anticipated by me and led to a great deal of frustration.

However, a tactful approach to the Commercial Director, the overall boss of the department has lead to a successful outcome with agreement for this to proceed. I was not willing to engage in a negative debate with the Marketing Manager and avoided this by going directly to the person who I knew would see the validity of my argument and support me.

This example demonstrates the activist and pragmatist in my style where I approached a potential problem with in an open and flexible way but am centred around myself and my desire for a successful outcome at the same time as pragmatically looking for the right result and planning for this by approaching the right person in the right way.

The level of reflector led to the more considered approach of planning my strategy to achieve a positive outcome, however, this is something which I need to develop further to avoid potentially difficult situations in the future.

Appendices 3 and 4 are excerpts from the Insights Analysis where it states that I should ‘slow down and consider the feelings of others’ The realisation of this was a little shocking and has resulted in the more cautious approach to the problem described above. Appendix 4 of the same document states that I need ‘people I can call on for support when necessary’. I feel that the more cautious attitude I took to this problem, by consulting the Commercial Director rather than going directly to Marketing Manager illustrates this point very well and that I have started to take on board the need for reflection before aggressively tackling a problem.

Kolb’s Learning Model
Kolb’s learning cycle emphasises the cyclical nature of...

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