Analyse Different Ways To Establish Ground Rules

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Analyse Different Ways to Establish Ground Rules

When teaching a class of students, regardless of age, it is always important to establish ground rules at the beginning of the term. In doing so, both students and teacher can be prepared to know what is expected of them in their conduct in class and to their peers.

Students need to know what you expect from them and what they can expect from you during the course. They need to know where the boundaries lie and what will happen if they step over the boundaries.

To begin with, you need to decide what are ground rules. Are they something to be used as a guide? Or rules that are to be set in stone? What are the consequences of breaking them? And ...view middle of the document...

Allowing everyone to have an opinion on what they think acceptable behaviour in class is could result in everyone adhering to them. Using a brainstorming session could encourage students to speak out on what they think suitable rules should be put in place. They may even come up with a few ideas that you hadn't thought of! Discussing what the students think ground rules are first, and then adding what the establishment's main rules are, i.e. the 'Code of Conduct'. You could discuss what the students think these rules are needed for. Is it for safety? General good manners or enhancing everyone's right to learn equally? This will open the students minds to accept that this is a group, and respecting everyone in it is, in itself, a fundamental ground rule.

When the rules have been decided, there needs to be a clear idea as to what will happen if the students 'break' these rules. You will have protocol that you need to follow for some cases that can't be wavered, but for the more 'everyday' rules, such as not interrupting, there should be some sort of action that the students know you will take. For example, verbally reminding them that they are not being respectful more than once could be followed by asking the student to stay behind at the end of the lesson. In discussing the consequences with the students before hand, they can all agree on what would be a suitable outcome for 'stepping over the expected line'.

If the class has all agreed on what is expected, and suitable behaviour, you can start the course with everyone having the same expectations as each other. Thus preparing the class to respect each other, and behave in the appropriate way. Hopefully.

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