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Analyse Different Ways In Which You Would Establish Ground Rules With Your Learners, Which Underpin Behaviour And Respect For Others

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Assignment 1-T4

T4 – Analyse different ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin behaviour and respect for others.
Recommended word count: 250-350 words.
Caroline S. Clauss-Ehlers – “The ground rules are a contract that the class had created together to be applied for the duration of the course. The contract promotes discussion as it is based on the value of a mutual respect.
Alan Mortiboys – “Ground rules specify acceptable behaviour for learners on a course. There are different approaches to dividing ground rules for a course and give learners the chance to take some control over the rules and to collaborate with other learners and to take ...view middle of the document...

Discuss with the class about what will happen if these ground rules are broken.
Class contract
Similar to the smiley chart idea, a class contract is a negotiated document written by teacher and students. The contract outlines what the teacher expects of the students and what they can expect from the teacher. Sign the contract and keep it displayed.

Class contracts can be written with whole groups or with individual students. If the teacher realises that there are one or two difficult students in the class, a contract can be written with just those students. It’s a chance to talk to them about their behaviour and to set the limits of what’s acceptable in written form so that the teacher can refer to it in the future.
Praise the positive
If the group is difficult it’s really important to remember to praise good work and behaviour when (if!) it occurs, rather than always highlighting the negative. One way to do this with young learners is to have a star chart. Some teachers like to give prizes to the students who get the most stars by the end of each term.
When rules are broken
All schools have...

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