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Analyse Different Types Of Business Information And Their Sources

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Task 1B
How Southern Regional College communicates with the public.
An analysis of their communication methods and sources

External methods of communication
The external methods of communication SRC uses are the SRC website, newspapers, leaflets, brochures, handbooks, Facebook, information meetings and group talks at SRC.

SRC uses its website to attract and communicate with more people where they can have a look from anywhere in the world. They use newspapers, leaflets and brochures to advertise their business and attract as many students as possible. SRC have a Facebook which is targeted at young generation who can easily access to it and view what courses SRC offers and events ...view middle of the document...

SRC staff uses its own style as it is important to them when it comes to the manner and effectiveness of SRC communications.

Verbal Presentations
They are used to persuade, inform, influence and explain about a topic. Presentations that are made should be powerful, passionate, persuasive, and professional so that they deliver the message to SRC students clearly. The tutors use powerful presentations at SRC because they make sure that the students know clearly what they are working on and how the particular work for particular course has to be done. In SRC tutors prepare presentations for every class for students according to the subject they teach to deliver all the information of that particular subject. They use this to make sure that they explain what the students need to do for their assignments. These presentations are both powerful and persuasive.

Role Plays
This is when a group of people act out roles for a particular scenario. In SRC everyone have a different role play. For example the different role plays are receptionist, tutors, librarians, principal, and coordinators. Their roles allow them to deliver a message to an audience effectively.

On Screen Multimedia Presentations
On screen multimedia presentations can be viewed in person on stage, projected, transmitted or played locally with a media player. Digital online multimedia may be downloaded or streamed. A laptop or projector used is used in SRC to project media such as tutors power point, photography, images, video, sounds, music and links to internet sites.

Use of images
Images can enhance a communication to an audience as we remember more of what we see than what we hear. When using images it is necessary to ensure that they are relevant to what is being presented. It should not be distracting, flashy colored or complicated. Images with impact can gain the audience’s attention. In SRC tutors uses images in their PowerPoint presentations to deliver message to students and make it easier for them to understand work but these are professional looking images.

Web-based presentations
Web based presentation tools and technologies provide the means to deliver any PowerPoint based on similar visual presentation to an internet connected audience.

Multilingual support
On occasions in business, you may have to communicate or give a presentation to an audience where some members may be non-English speakers. Therefore, special arrangements such as a translation of presentation slide or handouts may be...

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