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In the "Analects of Confucius", it talks about Master Kong's way of humanity. Confucius' Way of humanity is very unique, it combines love and righteousness. What best describes his way of thinking is this quote, "Love is the best a person's heart can offer, and reason, the best a person's mind can offer." Kong Fuzi's teachings did not become popular and respected until after his death. Master Kong's ethical theory placed humanity as the "supreme" virtue, second to it is righteousness. I think that we have a lot to learn from it.Confucius' ethical theory said this in regards to following the rituals, "To restrain oneself and return to the ...view middle of the document...

" I think this means that if you have humanity as a virtue then you would rather do the hard work than just get the reward. You see working hard as a reward. In treating others he said, " For a man of humanity is one who, wishing to establish himself, helps others to establish themselves, and who, wishing to gain perception, helps others to gain perception." To me this means that if you want to succeed, then you will do so more quickly if you do not alienate yourself but help out other people too. Master Kong really shows this when he sets up the Ru School. He teaches not only to noble family but to the commoners who can not pay anything.Righteousness is defined as, "what is good in me" or "what one ought to do." Confucius said this about it, "The gentleman, in his attitude toward all under heaven, neither favors anyone, nor disfavors anyone. He keeps close to whoever is righteous." I think that this means that we should not judge anyone and use reason instead of judgment when dealing with people.In conclusion, if people would just learn from the past and think before you speak then a lot of the problems we have now would not be here. We would not just think of ourselves but about other people too, we would do what we think is right and not what we want to do. "Love is the best a person's heart can offer, and reason, the best a person's mind can offer." If we love and use reason together, the our conduct will be better and we would treat everyone and everything with more respect.

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